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Bancroft, MI, 48414, USA
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June 20, 2013

Bancroft Trade Union
Department of Worker’s Rights Protection
22 Red Salmon St.
Bancroft, MI, 48414, USA

To the Head of the Department of Worker’s Rights Protection,

I am an employee of the Cheng Trading Company of Bancroft, Michigan, and I have a serious claim towards the enterprise I am working for. Specifically, I want to complain in regard to a non-payment. The Bancroft Trading Company owes me my salary for the last three months, which equals $10,546.

I, as well as many other workers in our enterprise, can understand the complexity of the economic situation in the United States, as well as in the world. If it was not so, and if I was less enthusiastic about the work we are doing, I would have already quit. However, I decided to stay in the Cheng Trading Company and wait for the solution to the problem. But as time passed, the situation did not change. After the first three weeks of non-payment, the committee of our workers communicated with Cheng Shi, the director of the Cheng Trading Company, and he promised to pay in 7 days, but he did not. Two other meetings did not give the result as well, and the last attempt has ended up with a scandal, after which he was not seen in the office until the present moment, which makes me extremely disappointed and dissatisfied.

In order to speed up the process of resolution, I want to ask the Department of Worker’s Rights Protection to pay attention to the situation on the Cheng Trading Company and take measures necessary to satisfy my legal demands, and make the enterprise pay me a salary for the last three months ($10,546). I do not require any other kind of compensation from the company, but I would like to be guaranteed protection from similar occasions in the future.

I hope a peaceful agreement of this issue can be achieved. I am waiting for a resolution to my problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone.


Reynold Lewis

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