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November 22, 2013

“Tailbones Pet Shop”
13 Sunflower Grove.
Creede, CO 81130, USA

To the Owner of Tailbones Pet Shop,

I am writing this letter to complain about the low quality of products provided by the “Tailbones Pet Shop,” which caused severe health damage to my cat, and moral damage to me. In relation with this, I want to express my displeasure with your services and demand you to take measures to solve this conflict.

Three days ago, on the morning of November 19th, I bought a package of “Meow Meow” cat food (canned chicken), with a valid expiration date. I always check the information about the products I purchase, so my hypothetical inattentiveness could not be the reason of what happened next. As I returned home, I put the cat food in the fridge and went to work; in the evening, I fed some amount of it to my cat. A couple of hours later, as I was already in bed, I woke up because of loud cat cries. I immediately grasped the reasons of my cat’s condition, as it had vomited around the kitchen, right near its bowl. I had to take the cat to the veterinarian and pay large sums of money for gastric lavage and medicine.

According to the payment bills (copies of which I can provide you with on request) I spent $500 on the aforementioned procedures, and this is only the countable damage I suffered from the low-quality products you sold me. My cat is precious to me, and its death would be equal to the death of a good friend; thus, this unpleasant situation caused me great anxiety. Considering this, I want to be sure you are interested in my problem. I would appreciate tenfold indemnification, which would be $5000, according to my estimates. In case of the convincing excusing circumstances, I would be content with a $500 refund.

I am not willing to bother myself and address the Better Business Bureau or an animal rights organization yet, but I will have to do so if you do not show your care for my case. As I am interested in a peaceful resolution of the problem, I will withhold my complaints to these organizations until December 3rd.

I hope we can come to a peaceful agreement instead of dealing with this case in court. Please contact me at the above mentioned phone, or via email.


John Daniels

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