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Complaint Letter Samples

In a complaint letter, one cannot just rant about their problems. One must use a specific format, tone, and style to get what one wants. Read our complaint letter samples in order to improve one’s understanding of this form of letter.

Invalid Expiration Date

64 Washington Ave. Creede, CO 81130, USA Phone: 555-867-237-004 November 22, 2013 “Tailbones Pet Shop” 13 Sunflower Grove. Creede, CO 81130, USA To the Owner…

Department of Worker’s Rights Protection

87 Northern Bay, Ave. Bancroft, MI, 48414, USA Phone: 555-678-574-133 June 20, 2013 Bancroft Trade Union Department of Worker’s Rights Protection 22 Red Salmon St.…

Flagrant Behavior

221 Parklane Ave. Salem, OR 97301, USA Phone: 555-375-0050 May 13, 2013 TechnoSalem, Ltd. Consumer Complaint Division 412 Abbey Drive Salem, OR 97301, USA To…

Creede Foods Complaint Letter

13 Silverton Ave. Creede, CO 81130, USA Phone: (555) 375-0050 March 2, 2013 Creede Foods, Inc. Consumer Complaint Division 22 North Chestnut St. Creede, CO…

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