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Writing any paper is tiring, especially if it is longer than 2 pages. And with such busy schedules that most of us have nowadays, who even can find the time to re-read everything? Well, we have that time, and that’s why we organized this online proofreading service to help you out. Because if you can’t do it yourself, find a professional who can handle that for you.

Why Work With Professional Proofreading Services 

It’s okay to have your doubts. However, getting somebody to proofread your writing couldn’t be a better idea. Let us tell you why.

First of all, as you delegate this task to the experts, you save time for other tasks. Maybe you have a pile of assignments that you started and didn’t get to finish. In another case, there may be an upcoming test that you need to prepare for. Or you didn’t hang out with your friends for a while. Mauve, you just want to lay down with a good book. With the time you save on proofreading, you can do everything and more.

Secondly, as your work will be handed down to trained professionals, you may be sure that your work will reach the highest level of perfection. They will note every grammatical, stylistic, and formatting mistake you may have missed during writing. You will also see that they can help with citations and proper referencing so that you won’t have to deal with plagiarism accusations after submission. Overall, you can expect to receive work that’s been read through and through with all the problematic places marked and corrected according to your request.

Lastly, using our help, you can quickly check any number and type of papers you need. We can handle research papers, abstracts, literature reviews, personal statements, essays, CVs, and more. So no matter what type of work you have to edit, we will have it covered.

How to Work With Professional Proofreading Service

We decided to build a platform that allows for easy finding and collaborating with expert proofreaders. Thus, all you really have to do when opening up the page with our service is:

  • upload your files
  • provide instructions as to what needs to be specifically fixed (grammar, structure, formatting, citations, etc.)
  • then specify how long your paper is in pages
  • Wait for the results.

In the instructions, you can also tell us how quickly you need the work to be completed so we can plan our time appropriately. Note, that before placing your order, you will need to create an account on our hub so we can work with your request more efficiently.

You Need The Best Online Proofreading Service – We Deliver It

We know it can be difficult to complete all the tasks and assignments with high quality. That’s why we want to help you in the first place. We believe you are smart enough to craft well-written papers, and all you need is just a little bit of extra assistance. And working with our service, you will get all the help you need alongside a few other benefits, such as:

  • Quick work completion
  • All-inclusive proofreading to improve everything from grammar to style and vocabulary
  • The assistance of trained writing experts, who can help you write better
  • Free access to additional AI-powered solutions on the AcademicHelp Learning Hub platform
  • Ability to check and therefore finish any type of work you wrote, from CVs to short essays.

As you can see, working with our Online Proofreading Service provides countless opportunities for you to improve your writing skills and get the highest grades possible. Whether you are a student, a job applicant, or even a blogger, we will do everything to help you craft great texts.

Make Your Work Stand Out

Some people might say that proofreading is not the most important part of writing. We, on the other hand, are firm in our belief that proper grammar and punctuation are the lion’s share on the path to academic success. It can be challenging to see a promising research topic hidden behind misplaced commas and missing quotation marks. Let our experts handle this part of the process for you!
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What is the average cost of proofreading?

The average cost of proofreading can vary widely depending on the quality of the service, the type of content, and the set deadline. Generally, you might find services priced anywhere from $0.01 to $0.05 per word. This range includes a broad spectrum of checks, from basic proofreading to more detailed editing.

How much does proofreading 1000 words cost?

Based on the average costs we mentioned above, proofreading for 1000 words could cost anywhere between $10 to $50. This fee is usually influenced by the complexity of the subject matter, the clarity of the writing, and the level of editing required. Some services might charge a flat rate, while others adjust their fees based on these factors.

What does a proofreading service include?

A basic proofreading service focuses on correcting surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other language mistakes. Many proofreaders also look at consistency in language, tone of voice, and formatting, making sure that your document follows the specified style guides. However, proofreading does not usually involve significant changes to the content, structure, or argumentation within the document (even though in some cases you may add these as extra services).

How long should proofreading take?

It honestly depends on the deadlines you set for your work. Most of the time, it can be done within 24 hours if not quicker. Usually, you will see the services offer you 3 hours as the fastest turnaround time. Such quick delivery will of course come at a higher price so keep that in mind when placing your orders.

What are the 4 things of proofreading?

There are indeed several layers to quality proofreading. Usually, it includes checking for correct grammar and sentence construction; improving spelling and punctuation so that they follow all the language rules; maintaining a consistent style and format throughout the document; and boosting the flow and readability of the text by making necessary adjustments to phrasing or word choice.


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