Python Coding Homework Dilemma

In a recent Reddit thread in the r/learnpython subreddit, a user sought help with their Python coding homework. The task involved creating a program to calculate the average of five test scores entered by the user. Fellow Reddit users jumped in to offer solutions and explanations for the problem.

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Solutions and Explanations Provided by Reddit Users

Several users provided different approaches to solving the problem, along with explanations to help the original poster understand the thought process behind the solutions. For those who are still finding challenges, seeking Python academic assistance can be beneficial. This specialized support can further clarify concepts and ensure a stronger grasp of the language’s intricacies.

Approach 1: Using a for loop

One solution suggested using a for loop to collect the test scores, add them together, and then divide the total by the number of test scores. This approach allows for efficient code that can easily be modified for a different number of test scores.

total = 0
num_scores = 5
for i in range(num_scores):
score = int(input(“Enter test score: “))
total += score
average = total / num_scores
print(“Average: “, average)

Approach 2: Using a list comprehension

Another user proposed using a list comprehension to collect the test scores and then calculating the average using the sum() function and dividing by the number of scores.

num_scores = 5
scores = [int(input(“Enter test score: “)) for _ in range(num_scores)]
average = sum(scores) / num_scores
print(“Average: “, average)

This approach is more concise and demonstrates the power of list comprehensions in Python. It also makes it easy to modify the code for a different number of test scores.


The community came together to provide useful solutions and explanations for a Python coding homework problem. Both approaches offered valid solutions, demonstrating the flexibility and versatility of Python. By engaging with fellow learners, the original poster gained valuable insights into different methods for solving the problem and a deeper understanding of Python programming concepts.

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