Music You Didn’t Know Helps You Write and Study

By Nicholas Klacsanzky

Most people prefer to listen to run-of-the-mill music when they write or study. I want to show different styles of music to listen to when writing or studying, collected from artists worldwide:

1. Indian classical violin – N. Rajam

Most people in the West do not know that people from India also play the violin in their classical music. They play it in a style of their own, but it is hauntingly beautiful to listen to. The foremost master of violin in India is N. Rajam. Take a listen to her music:

2. Chinese instrument gujun

This instrument is called the instrument of the wise. If you listen to it, you will know why. It gives you feelings of knowledge, of deepness, and introspection. Here is a great mix of guqin music:

3. Persian classical music

No, it’s not belly dance music. It is sophisticated, emotive, and mystical music meant to bring you into a deeper state. With charm and peculiarity of melody, Persian classical music is a wonder to listen to while studying or writing:

4. Flamenco

You might have heard one or two songs with flamenco guitar in it. But you should dive deep into the realm of flamenco to truly feel its passion and beauty. Here is a wonderful mix of flamenco, lounge, and chillout music that will surely get you studying or writing like a boss:

5. Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Soundtracks are an amazing studying and writing tool. They make you feel epic moods easily and get you inspired. The Tron Legacy soundtrack is among one of the finest soundtracks to date. Check it out here:


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