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This week in review: The tech scene continues to wrestle with the pervasive issue of imposter syndrome, specifically amongst coders. But, there are strategies rising to the surface that aim to counter this obstacle. In the realm of the written word, scribes and wordsmiths have engaged in vibrant dialogue around the art of crafting the perfect conversation in text. They’ve managed to distill it down to a winning formula. Shifting gears to the academic sphere, there’s a swell of frustration among Irish students about what they see as an unjust examination system. These learners are clamoring for more robust mental health resources and sweeping changes in the evaluation methods. And finally, the arduous journey of language acquisition came under the lens. Amidst its challenges, it was noted that the game-changing milestone arrives when language learners experience a deep, almost native-like bond with the language they’re studying.

Haven’t got a chance to get to the news reading this week? Don’t worry, the A*Help team is here for you! In this digest, we highlighted the most important shifts in the spheres of education, technology, and student lives that happened in the span of this week.

Growing Pressure on Colleges to Abolish ‘Legacy’ Admissions

19 Jul ’23

Growing Pressure on Colleges to Abolish 'Legacy' Admissions
Image: manhattan.edu

The call for equity in higher education continues to echo louder as public pressure mounts on colleges and universities to abolish legacy admissions. These are admission policies that offer preferential treatment to applicants who are children or relatives of alumni of these institutions.

Critics argue that legacy admissions contribute to perpetuating privilege and create a systemic bias in the education system. The demand for a more balanced and fairer admissions process, which doesn’t favor students based on their familial ties, is becoming more pervasive. Advocates of change believe that the abolishment of such policies can pave the way for a more equitable education system that values merit over connections.

Preply raises $70 million to add AI tools for their teachers

20 Jul ’23

Preply raises $70 million to add AI tools for their teachers
Image: preply.com

Preply, an innovative platform in the edtech sector, has raised $70 million in its latest funding round. The company plans to use this significant investment to incorporate artificial intelligence tools into their platform, which they believe will greatly enhance the capabilities of their tutors.

The integration of AI is seen as a substantial step forward for the company, aiming to provide a more personalized and effective learning experience for students. The infusion of these advanced technologies into the education sector exemplifies how edtech companies are continuously pushing the boundaries to improve learning outcomes.

Tech Giants Turn to Coding Bootcamps for Next-Generation Talents

19 Jul ’23

Tech Giants Turns to Coding Bootcamps for Next-Gen Talent
Image: freepik.com

In a bid to bridge the ongoing skills gap in the tech industry, major technology companies are increasingly turning to coding bootcamps as a source of fresh talent. These intensive training programs, known for their accelerated, practical approach to teaching coding skills, are producing tech professionals ready to hit the ground running.

This shift suggests a change in the conventional recruitment process, with the industry focusing less on traditional educational backgrounds and more on practical skillsets and adaptability. As a result, coding bootcamps are becoming a promising path for aspiring tech professionals eager to break into the sector.

Decoding College Costs: Comprehensive Guide to Financial Planning for Higher Education

20 Jul ’23

Decoding College Costs: Comprehensive Guide to Financial Planning for Higher Education
Image: freepik.com

With rising tuition fees and living expenses, the cost of attending college is a significant concern for many students and their families. To address this issue, a comprehensive guide has been released to assist with financial planning for higher education.

This new guide provides detailed insights into the real costs of college, including often overlooked expenses. It offers practical advice and strategies for students and parents to plan effectively, fostering a better understanding of the complexities of financing a college education. The objective is to ensure students and families are better equipped to make informed financial decisions regarding higher education.

AI Boom Fuels Spike in Computing Studies Among UK Students

17 Jul ’23

AI Boom Fuels Spike in Computing Studies Among UK Students
Image: unsplash.com

In tandem with the rising prominence of artificial intelligence (AI), a significant increase has been observed in the number of UK students choosing to pursue computing studies. This trend appears to be driven by the boom in the AI sector and the promising job prospects it offers.

The influx of students into computing studies signals a potential shift in the UK’s labour market. As AI and related technologies continue to shape various sectors, a solid foundation in computing could equip these students with the necessary skills to navigate the future job landscape effectively.

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