This week: A significant stride in ethical artificial intelligence (AI) deployment was made as universities across the United Kingdom collaborated to create comprehensive guidelines. For self-learners, in a thoughtful piece addressing individuals who feel they may have wasted their lives, experts offered advice on the path to self-realisation. In the world of higher education, the EduGate Fair emerged as a landmark event this week, uniting international universities under one roof and providing an excellent platform for an exchange of experiences. Finally, the job market continues to favour workers as demand for talent persists, proving there’s still no place for fear when looking for a job.

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UK Universities Develop Guidelines for Ethical Use of AI

09 Jul ’23

UK Universities Develop Guidelines for Ethical Use of AI

A significant advancement in the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was made this week as universities across the United Kingdom joined forces to devise comprehensive guidelines.

This pioneering initiative targets responsible AI use within the educational sector, with a keen focus on privacy protection, fairness in AI-driven decision-making, and maintaining transparency in AI systems. As the guidelines set a high standard for AI application, they are projected to be adopted and further refined by institutions worldwide, marking a crucial milestone in the future of AI in education.

What To Do If You Ever Feel Like You’ve Wasted Your Life

12 Jul ’23

What To Do If You Ever Feel Like You've Wasted Your Life

In a meaningful discussion geared towards individuals wrestling with feelings of wasted time or opportunities, experts have shared valuable advice on navigating past regrets and realizing personal potential.

The guidance encourages a mental shift, suggesting individuals consider past experiences not as wasted time but as a platform for growth. It is never too late, they assert, to embark on a new path, with coding offered as a skillset with wide-ranging applications for personal growth and career progression. This advice serves as a timely reminder that every journey, however non-linear, can lead to rewarding destinations.

Edugate FAIR: The International Educational Fair Uniting All Universities Under One Roof

12 Jul ’23

Edugate FAIR: The International Educational Fair Uniting All Universities Under One Roof

A significant leap in international academic collaboration was made this week with the EduGate Fair. This groundbreaking event brought universities from around the world together under one roof.

As a unique platform, the fair allowed institutions to share their programs, collaborate on new initiatives, and engage directly with prospective students in a dynamic and interactive environment. This development could potentially signify the dawn of more globally collaborative approaches in higher education, fostering an environment for increased innovation and diverse learning experiences.

Workers in a Lucky Position as Job Market Remains Hot, Experts Say

13 Jul ’23

Workers in a Lucky Position as Job Market Remains Hot, Experts Say
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If you were afraid you won’t be able to find a job, now you don’t have to be. The current job market continues to be favourable for workers due to the high demand for talent across various industries.

Labour market experts attribute this ‘hot’ market to factors like the ongoing digital transformation, increasing demand for specialized skills, and the continued economic recovery post-pandemic. These circumstances have led companies to offer more competitive salaries and benefits, placing workers in a strong negotiating position. This trend could have a positive ripple effect on the economy and may influence the future nature of work and employee-employer relations.

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