An Australian swimwear brand, Lahana, faced online criticism for its recent campaign that showcased only slim Caucasian models. 

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The campaign, posted on Instagram, was called out for a lack of diversity, with many pointing out the absence of curvy, plus-size, or women of color. 

Some comments criticized the brand’s use of the caption “real bodies” for the campaign. 

However, some defended the brand, arguing not every post needs to represent every body type or color. 

In response, Lahana stated that the campaign was a local call-out, and they had used everyone who chose to participate that day. They mentioned their gratitude towards those who showed up and emphasized that the models were “real bodies” as they are genuine women who responded to the call. Lahana Swim is known for its stylish swim and activewear and has been showcased in reality shows like Bachelor in Paradise.

Lahana swimwear: Australian bikini brand's new campaign sparks furious debate and is slammed for lack of diversity

This case could give a lot of topics for academic essays. AcademicHelp collected the most controversial issues that could be used by students for their research papers. 

Representation in Media. Should brands be obligated to ensure diverse representation in their advertising campaigns?
Defining “Real Bodies”. How should the term “real bodies” be defined and represented in the media?
Consumer Expectations vs. Brand Intentions. To what extent should brands be held accountable for not meeting consumer expectations, even if they had different intentions or constraints?
Impact of Social Media on Brand Image. How does the immediate feedback loop of social media impact brand decision-making, and is it always beneficial?
Consumer Responsibility in Brand Call-outs. Should consumers participate more actively in brand call-outs to ensure diverse representation?
The Role of Localization in Advertising. Should localized campaigns be held to the same standards of diversity as broader, international campaigns?
The Balance between Artistic Vision and Representation. Where is the line between a brand’s artistic vision and the necessity for diverse representation?
Reality Shows and Fashion Influence. How do reality shows like “Bachelor in Paradise” influence fashion and beauty standards?
Feedback vs. Backlash. Is there a constructive way for consumers to provide feedback without resorting to online backlash?
Brands Responding to Criticism. What is the best way for brands to address and respond to criticism received online?
The Importance of Diversity in Modern Society. An exploration of how diverse populations contribute to social, economic, and cultural progress.
Representation Matters. Examining the impact of representation (or lack thereof) in media and popular culture on societal attitudes and self-perceptions.
Diversity in the Workplace. How diverse workforces can lead to innovation, better decision-making, and increased profitability.
The Role of Education in Promoting Diversity. Analyzing the significance of inclusive curricula and diverse classroom settings in shaping future leaders.
Historical Evolution of Diversity. Tracing the history and evolution of diverse societies and how they have shaped global civilizations.
The Challenges of Achieving Genuine Inclusion. Exploring the gap between superficial representation and genuine inclusion in various sectors of society.
Diversity and Social Justice. The role of diversity in promoting social justice and addressing systemic inequalities.
The Intersectionality of Diversity. Understanding how race, gender, sexuality, disability, and other identities intersect and contribute to unique experiences.
Diversity in Literature. Analyzing the importance of diverse voices in literature and how they shape societal narratives.
The Psychological Impact of Diversity. How exposure to diverse cultures and ideas can foster empathy, open-mindedness, and personal growth.
Diversity in Leadership. The benefits and challenges of diverse leadership in political, business, and community settings.
Globalization and Diversity. Understanding the complex relationship between global interconnectedness and the preservation of cultural diversity.
The Role of Affirmative Action. Evaluating the merits and challenges of affirmative action policies in education and employment.
Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation. Where is the line, and how can individuals and societies respect and celebrate diversity without crossing it?
The Future of Diversity. Predicting how increasing globalization, migration, and societal changes will shape the definition and importance of diversity in the coming decades.


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