Legendary band members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have announced the imminent release of a never-before-heard Beatles song, triggering waves of nostalgia and excitement among fans. The song, titled “Now And Then,” was originally penned and sung by John Lennon and has been completed by McCartney and Starr after several decades. The awaited track, made possible with advancements in audio technology, will be released on 2 November.

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Lennon recorded the demo for “Now And Then” in the late 1970s at his New York residence. Following his tragic passing in 1980, Yoko Ono handed the recording to the surviving Beatles in 1994. Despite initial efforts by Harrison, McCartney, and Starr to refine the song, technological limitations hindered the clear extraction of Lennon’s vocals, putting the song’s release on hold.

Fast forward to 2021, Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” employed cutting-edge audio restoration technology. This same technology, led by Emile de la Rey, has facilitated the separation of Lennon’s voice from the piano track, leading McCartney to remark on the clarity of Lennon’s voice and the emotional weight it carries.

New Beatles Song Set for Release After Decades-long Wait - Explore The Beatles Essay Topics
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Last year, McCartney and Starr added final touches to “Now And Then,” incorporating Harrison’s 1995 guitar recordings. Starr added his signature drumming while McCartney infused the track with additional instruments. The finishing touch to the song was given at Capitol Studios in LA, where backup vocals from iconic Beatles songs were integrated.

“It was like John was there,” Starr nostalgically noted about the recording process. Sean Ono Lennon, the son of Lennon and Ono, mentioned the profoundness of hearing the band members work together, emphasizing the song’s significance as the last collaborative effort of the original quartet.

While there were initial doubts in 1995 about the song ever seeing the light of day, Olivia Harrison, widow of George Harrison, believes George would have supported its completion today.

Alongside the song’s release, fans can anticipate a documentary titled “Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song” premiering on 1 November on The Beatles’ YouTube channel. Furthermore, two compilation albums will be re-released on November 10, with the new song dropping as a double A-side alongside the band’s 1962 debut single “Love Me Do.” An accompanying music video is slated for release on 3 November.

Talking About Beatles and Their Influence on The Music Industry

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From Vintage Tapes to Digital Restoration: A Technical Analysis of “Now And Then”The convergence of art and science
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