In response to a surge in e-scooter-related accidents in Paris, a ban on rental electric scooters has been implemented. In a vote held in April regarding this issue, almost 90% of participants supported the ban. However, the voter turnout was notably low, with less than 8% of eligible voters participating. Paris, having been one of the earliest adopters of e-scooters, is now among the first capitals to ban them.

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While some view this ban as democracy in action, others speculate on underlying motives. The author, a traditional cyclist, expresses his discontent towards e-scooters, citing personal space infringement on cycle paths and safety concerns as his main issues. He shares a personal account of a friend who was injured by an e-scooter.

Paris Bans Rental Electric Scooters

Yet, the author also questions the political motivations behind the ban. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, previously a supporter of e-scooters and responsible for initiating on-street hiring in 2018, later became a strong opponent. With her declining political influence, she sought a new cause and turned her focus to e-scooters. Despite her personal opposition, she proposed a referendum, pledging to honor its outcome. Following a low-profile voting process in April, a small segment of the Paris electorate voted, primarily older residents who generally dislike e-scooters. As a result, the machines were banned, disappointing various user groups including tourists and commuters. However, the ban only affects rented scooters, and private ownership remains unaffected.

Paris Bans Rental Electric Scooters - Good or Bad Idea? Explore E-scooters Essay Topics

Drawing a parallel with the phase-out of horses a century ago due to the advent of the combustion engine, the author notes that e-scooters, only having been around for five years, haven’t been replaced by any new mode of transport. The author hints at the potential return of e-scooters in the future.

E-scooters are a multifaceted topic and there are many angles to explore. We have come up with a list of possible research and debate topics for e-scooters:

  • The Rise of E-scooters: A Historical Perspective on Urban Mobility.
  • E-scooters and the Environment: Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Electric Mobility.
  • Regulation and E-scooters: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Public Safety.
  • The Role of E-scooters in Reducing Urban Traffic Congestion.
  • The E-scooter Economy: How Micro-mobility is Reshaping Urban Job Markets.
  • E-scooter Infrastructure: The Need for Dedicated Lanes and Parking Solutions.
  • Public Health Implications of E-scooters: A Look at Injuries and Safety Protocols.
  • E-scooters and Equity: Ensuring Accessible Micro-mobility for All.
  • The Future of E-scooters: Technological Advancements and Their Potential Impact.
  • Micro-mobility Vs. Macro-mobility: Can E-scooters Replace Cars in Urban Centers?
  • The Cultural Impact of E-scooters: How They Are Changing the Face of Urban Lifestyle.
  • Designing for E-scooters: How Urban Planning and Architecture Must Adapt.
  • The Integration of E-scooters with Other Public Transport Modes.
  • Consumer Attitudes Towards E-scooters: Factors Influencing Adoption and Usage.
  • Case Studies of Cities Embracing (or Rejecting) E-scooter Programs.
  • Business Models of E-scooter Companies: From Startup to Sustainability.
  • E-scooters and Accessibility: How Can They Cater to the Disabled Community?
  • The Ethics of E-scooter Dumping: Exploring the Problem of Abandoned Scooters.
  • E-scooters in a Post-pandemic World: Will the Trend Continue or Decline?
  • Innovation in E-scooter Technology: What’s Next in Battery Life, Speed, and User Experience?
  • E-scooters in Global Cities: A Comparative Study of Adoption and Adaptation.
  • The Psychology Behind E-scooter Adoption: Are We Embracing Convenience or Sustainability?
  • The Aesthetics of E-scooters: Designing for Function, Safety, and Beauty.
  • Children and E-scooters: Exploring Age Restrictions and Safety Guidelines.
  • The Implications of E-scooters on Tourism: A New Way to Explore Cities?
  • E-scooters and Privacy Concerns: Data Collection, Use, and Potential Misuse.
  • Cost Analysis: Is Owning an E-scooter Cheaper than Renting in the Long Run?
  • Impact of E-scooters on Local Businesses: Boost in Foot Traffic or Nuisance?
  • E-scooters and Climate Change: Quantifying Their Contribution to a Greener Future.
  • The Role of E-scooters in the Gig Economy: Benefits and Challenges for Riders and Maintenance Workers.
  • E-scooters in Non-urban Settings: Feasibility and Use Cases in Rural and Suburban Areas.
  • Battery Technology and E-scooters: Current Challenges and Future Innovations.
  • The Role of AI and Smart Technologies in E-scooter Development: Predicting Breakdowns and Enhancing User Experience.
  • E-scooters in College Campuses: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices.
  • Competitive Analysis of Leading E-scooter Brands: What Sets Them Apart?
  • A World Without E-scooters: Imagining Urban Transport Scenarios Without Them.
  • Customization and Personal E-scooters: A Trend Towards Individual Expression.
  • The Life Cycle of an E-scooter: From Manufacturing to Disposal.
  • E-scooters and Insurance: The Implications and Necessities of Coverage.
  • Integrating E-scooters with Smart City Initiatives: The Path Forward.


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