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Hi everyone!

messy officeThe New Year holidays are over, and everyone is trying to return back to normal. In order to make this process easier and more productive, you can try out some of the following tips:

  1. Clean your living space from holiday decorations in time. The sooner the better, in my opinion. This will help you realize your daily routine is taking place again (which is not bad, since you can make your routine interesting). Anyways, pine trees, garlands, and red socks over the fireplace will definitely prevent your mind from rehabilitating and entering its regular mode.
  2. Write all of your great life goals and solemn promises to yourself on A4 sheets of paper and pin them to the walls all over the place you live. It’s funny, but we mostly fail to keep even the easiest promises only because we forget about them. Keeping something in mind means never making it happen in real life. These A4 sheets won’t let you forget; in fact, they may even put you out of your normal temperament by constantly reminding you to change the way you live.
  3. Sort things out. This refers to your regular work, household chores, writing, and so on. Write to-do lists, decide on your priorities and the order in which you will be doing everything. This is crucial, because after the holidays, many people face the situation when they have piles of work to do and they have no idea how to shovel out of the mess.
  4. Relax more, especially in January. January is the month when stress and frustration rates are extremely high—at least that’s what sociologists say. So, do more of the activities that make you feel better; spend time with people whom you have a good relationship with; stuff your brain with fresh, positive ideas.
  5. Clean up your home and your workplace, and keep them tidy all the time—all year round, if you can. Excuses like, “This mess helps me focus,” or “This is a creative chaos” don’t work. There is no way a mess can contribute to productivity (well, maybe unless you are some sort of a absolute genius, which I doubt).

Following these tips will help you overcome problems with organization and the chaotic period immediately after New Year holidays, and bounce back to normal life. Have a good time, and stay updated!

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