Being 21 can be tough. You’re not a kid anymore, and suddenly, the future seems like a huge question mark. Many feel the pressure, and it’s completely normal. But what happens when that uncertainty feels too overwhelming? Why do some of us feel like the road ahead might not be worth it? Let’s talk about it, because you’re not alone in this.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your early 20s is still a period of exploration and self-discovery, and it’s never too late to pursue your aspirations or change your path. Many have started or pivoted careers well beyond this age and found success and fulfillment.
  • Being constantly exposed to social media can skew perceptions and contribute to feelings of hopelessness. It’s essential to maintain a balance and differentiate between reality and the virtual world.
  • Prioritizing mental health is paramount. It’s okay to seek help and lean on supportive communities, like the one found on Reddit, to navigate through tough times.

Navigating through the vast world of Reddit, one comes across a mosaic of stories, emotions, and experiences. A post that recently caught our attention was from a 21-year-old female who candidly expressed her feelings of hopelessness and despair regarding her future.

The current global scenario coupled with her personal struggles paints a bleak picture in her mind. Her words resonate with the challenges many face in today’s world, sparking a discussion about the weight of societal expectations and the quest for purpose and happiness in one’s chosen path. Redditors decided to step in and help out the OP with words of encouragement and advice.

Being in Your 20s You Have a Whole Life Ahead of You

As we live in a fast-paced world, it may seem like by your 20s you already need to achieve a lot of things. However, a lot of people emphasize, that this is still the age when you are allowed to figure things out.

“I am a woman and I was a line cook from 18 to 27. You’ll get dumber and dumber in that environment. I hated it so much. Get your shit together and get out. I got to uni at 28 and graduated at 32 so you being 21? You’re a fetus. Everything is in front of you. You don’t know the future of the world. You’re just glued to your phone watching the bleakest shit from all over the world and that got you convinced everything is the worst. It’s not.”

byu/No-Mortgage888 from discussion

“21 is not too late for college – I hate that people think you need to go right after high school. You could also just find someone to marry and have a family with. Believe it or not, a career isn’t usually the highlight of peoples lives, men or women.”

No Need to Be 20 To Reach Success

A lot of Redditors also shared their personal experiences. Turned out there were a lot of people who only graduated college after their 30s or figured out their career path much later in life, and they still got their life together.

“Booya. Nailed it. I was a night time janitor until 31. Today , I have a good career with great pay. Family , home , dogs and kids. I’m 44. If I swung it in 13 years, you can too. Only difference between you and I is I had my epiphany at 32. You’re having it at 21. Go get ‘em”

“Takes about 12 years to peak a typical career so you could graduate at 38 and still progress a career to peak by the time you’re 50. The only reason it’s harder is because usually work is not your primary energy expense at 38-50 whereas it usually is from 22-34”

byu/No-Mortgage888 from discussion

“Hell, 30 or more isnt even too late! Im 30 rn and struggling trying to figure if something like geomatics etc could get me work i enjoy more / pays well”

‘Get Off Social Media’

What If You Are Just 21 And You Feel Like Future Isn't Worth It?

That’s how some Reddit users justified such a pesimistic view on the future. For them, social media was the root to such thinking and, therefore, a problemati view on life.

“Get off social media before your nihilism is calcified and you wake up 30 years old having self sabotaged based off lies you told yourself. Get a skill that is in demand. If you don’t do that you’ll have no leverage in life and you might get trampled on.”

“Also get off social media because of the “state of the world” line. Bad shit has always happened and always will happen. We are in one of the most peaceful periods in history, it’s just that every tragedy is beamed into your eyeballs. Nothing is more overrated than being “informed” on the “issues” lol.”

“Thank you for saying this. Young people are really having a challenging time and it’s not just social media. The world we have inherited is pretty tough, psychologically and financially. And if you don’t have familial support/generational wealth it’s even tougher. But 100% you are only capable of doing what you believe you can do so having a good mindset is still very important!”

Other Opinions

Many people have shared their advice and stories. Some suggest online schools like WGU, where you can earn a degree quickly and affordably. A grad student talks about the tough journey, reminding us that our twenties can be hard but it’s about sticking to our path.

A retired chef shared an insider tip: considering moving to Las Vegas for better pay and opportunities in the culinary field. They even mentioned the chance to study while working. Another person reminded that it’s never too late to change paths, drawing from their decade-long experience in one job before seeking change.

Lastly, one person pointed out that college isn’t the only way; starting with a basic office job could open doors to bigger roles and even paid education. Everyone’s journey is unique, but these shared experiences offer hope and direction.

Making The Most of Your Life in Your 20s

Your 20s are a transformative period, full of exploration, self-discovery, and laying the groundwork for the future. It’s a unique era where you get to experiment with your talents, figure out your aspirations, and establish a solid foundation for the coming years. Embracing independence, managing finances, and navigating life’s course can be thrilling and empowering. We collected a few pieces of advice that might help you naviagate through this period of your life.

What If You Are Just 21 And You Feel Like Future Isn't Worth It?

Embrace Flexible Future Planning

For instance, while planning for your future is commendable, flexibility is key. It’s about setting a direction, not a rigid path. Sometimes the universe has a way of redirecting us to something even better. Also, and this is crucial, learn to say ‘no’. It’s not a sign of arrogance but of self-awareness. Know your boundaries, maintain them, and let them be a shield against life’s unnecessary dramas.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Let’s not forget about mental health, shall we? It’s as essential as physical health, if not more. Seek help when you need it, and don’t ever let societal stigmas deter you. Your future self will thank you for it. And while we’re at it, give yourself the gift of learning. Dive into new experiences, meet new people, and let your knowledge grow. But always remember to be vigilant and attentive to red flags, in relationships or opportunities.

Do Smart Budgeting

Money matters, too. Learn the art of budgeting early on; it’s a lifesaver! Debt? Try your best to steer clear. And invest in quality relationships. Trust me, when the going gets tough, these are the folks who’ll have your back.

Be Yourself

Lastly, and this might sound cheesy, but stay true to yourself, especially in the age of social media. Those picture-perfect shots? They’re often just a facade. So, celebrate your genuine, unfiltered life. Embrace the ups, learn from the downs, and remember: this decade is just the beginning of your incredible journey.


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