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Hi everyone!

I’ve prepared another portion of instant improvements for you. Today, I am going to talk about the tone of your creative writing, and about a matter directly connected to tone: punctuation.

As a writer, you must know exactly what your characters feel like, what their intentions are, and so on. It’s all in your head, and naturally you hear their voices, so to say, or see their images. However, your readers are in worse circumstances, as they can only deal with typed words. So, your task as a writer is to make these words vivid.

In this quest, synonyms and punctuation are your best friends. There are neutral words, and words with positive or negative connotations. Altogether they form the tone of your writing: narrative, critical, irritated, praising, neutral, and so on. And unlike regular words, like “say” or “ask,” they possess richer, more exact meanings.

How many ways can one substitute the word “say,” for instance? Tons of ways: blab on, spit out, whine, hum, confabulate, talk, natter, chatter, prattle, and so on. Just imagine how this variety contributes to the matter of clarifying what exactly a speaker feels in the moment of speaking.

Punctuation is what you need to make your writing more vivid, too. If used properly, it can convey the tone, the intonation of a speaker. Take a look at the following sentence.

“Don’t. Ever. Talk. To. Me. Like. That.”

Although there are rules for the use of punctuation, sometimes you can bend and omit them in favor of making your writing more convex.

These tips for instant writing improvement are for using emotional synonyms, and using punctuation as a tool for modifying your writing’s tone.


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