Admission Essay Topics to Guarantee the Effectiveness of the Essay Prompts

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

Many students have a vast background, interest, identity, or talent that is so meaningful that the admission committee is going to love it without any doubt. If this is your case, then hurry up to share your incredible story. If not, chances are you’re wondering what admission essay topics you should take into account. To help you get out of the situation, we’ve come up with a range of juicy application essay topics and prompts that will take you closer to the desired college or university.

  1. An Ethical Dilemma that I’ve Solved Successfully
  2. What Makes My Heart Beat Faster & How I’ve Discovered It
  3. The Most Embarrassing Situation in My Life and How I Got over It
  4. My Accomplishment that Stands behind My Personal Growth
  5. The So-Called “Eureka” Moment of My Life & What Sparked It
  6. The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten in My Life & How I Followed It
  7. The Things in Life That Make Me Angry & What I Have Done about That
  8. The Invention I’d like to Stop from Being Invented
  9. One Thing That I’d Like to Accomplish in College
  10. If I Could Add Any Amendment to the Constitution, I Would Add [mention what exactly]
  11. An Issue That I Have Changed My Mind on in the Past Two Years
  12. A Quote That Describes a Lot about Who I Am, and Explains How I’ve Connected to It
  13. How I’ve Spoken up for Someone Because This Person Couldn’t Speak for Her/Himself
  14. The Person Who Has Helped Me Understand Myself Better
  15. The Way I Rebound and Turn Every Good/Bad Experience into One That I Can Learn Something from
  16. How Do I Think I Can Positively Contribute to the World
  17. An Issue That I Find so Engaging That It Makes Me Lose All Track of Time

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