Start Your Project Paper with One of the Listed Architecture Essay Topics

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

Need some cool ideas for your PhD thesis, research proposals or any other project on architectural issues? We’ve come up with some of the best topics available for free:

  1. The Factors of Design that Influence the Levels of Future Maintenance of Buildings
  2. Impact of Globalization on Architecture
  3. How Nature Can Give Sustainable Building Solutions
  4. Ericsson Headquarters in Cyberjaya: Architecture Theory
  5. Reasons for the Development of Gothic Architecture
  6. Architecture Style of Frank Lloyd Wright: a Brief History of a Genius
  7. Church of the Sagrada Familia: Architecture Analysis
  8. The South-East of England: Land Development Problems
  9. What Does Sustainability Mean for Architecture?
  10. Advantages and Disadvantages of Building Restoration
  11. Problems in Historic Building Conservation
  12. Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Roofs
  13. What are the Changes in the Social Housing Architecture over the Past Decade?
  14. How Do Recent Mortgaging Agreements Affect Architecture?
  15. Explain How Airport Design Can Make the Terminals More Effective, Providing Reasonable Examples
  16. How Is the Destruction of the Urban Landscape Manifesting in the Region Where You Live?
  17. Ethical Boundaries that Professional Architects are Bound by in Their Work
  18. Challenges Associated with Skyscrapers
  19. Benefits of Applying Technological Models in Architecture Diagrams
  20. Key Points that an Architect Must Focus on While Drawing a Palatial House

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