Argumentative Essay Topics to Train Your Debating Abilities

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

A lot of college students used to share that they experience many troubles and annoyance with the argumentative essay writing. The point is that students are not at ease with it since they lack imagination, skills, and experience when it comes to choosing the most suitable argumentative essay topics. At, we’ve listed some great topics that will make up an interesting story in the end:

  1. Should the Vending Machines Be Banned in High Schools?
  2. Does the Poverty of a Kid’s Parents Affect His/Her Academic Progress?
  3. Does Successful Parenting Actually Affect Literacy Skills?
  4. Is the Print Media Dead?
  5. Is the Death Penalty 100% Justified?
  6. Is It Easy to Be a Woman in the World of Men?
  7. Have Online Love Affairs Killed Traditional Ideas about Marriage And Romance?
  8. The Analysis of Whether the Committers of Sex Crimes Can Be Rehabilitated
  9. MBA: An Analytical Viewpoint on the Pros and Cons of Studying Business
  10. Was King Kong Right Killing People Who Decided to Investigate His Island?
  11. The Era of Techs Turned Us into Zombies: Yes or No?
  12. Can Virtual Love, Family, and Friends Exist?
  13. 3D, 4D, 5D: Is It Going to Stop?
  14. Modern Movies vs. Cinematograph in the Middle of the 20th Century
  15. Are the United States Under the Threat of Disappearing?
  16. Are Sugar Substitutes Helpful for Losing Weight?
  17. What Can Parents Do in Order to Help Children Maintain a Healthy Weight?

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