Discussion Issues for a Biology Essays You Might Want to Look at

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

Writing an interesting essay is important because there are tons of issues debated nowadays in the field of biology. At AcademicHelp.net, we’ve produced a quick list of issues relevant to biological life, and you’re welcome to choose any:

  1. Mitigating Environmental Consequences
  2. Alternative Medicine: Is It Actually Effective in any Way?/li>
  3. Preserving Biodiversity: Why Should We Save Endangered Species?/li>
  4. Determine Paternity and the Role of Blood Type on It/li>
  5. Drug Designing of Molecules that Hamper Pathogenicity/li>
  6. What Is “Dark Matter” and Why Is It Important?/li>
  7. Green Building: Is It Helpful to the Environment and Worth the Extra Cost?/li>
  8. Microelectronics Inside of Contact Lenses to Help People with Diabetes Control the Level of Blood Sugar/li>
  9. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA): Are We Really in the So-Called Post-Antibiotic Era?/li>
  10. Is the Desktop Nanofabrication Tool a Practical Option for Easy and Low-Cost Nanotechnology?/li>
  11. The Homoeothermic Temperature in Mammals versus Poikilothermic Body Temperatures/li>
  12. Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality/li>
  13. Effect of Altered Energy Generation Capacity on the Process of Aging/li>
  14. Biological Immortality: Can Some Animals Actually Live Forever?/li>
  15. El Nino Effect and How This Can Impact upon Agriculture/li>
  16. The Siberian Tiger as One of the Most Mysterious and Fascinating Animals on Earth/li>
  17. Ebola: Is There even the Remote Possibility to Turn It into a Biological Weapon?/li>
  18. Abortion and Society: Why Is There Such a Divided Viewpoint on This Controversial Topic?/li>
  19. Hypnosis: Is There Any Scientific Perspective on It?/li>
  20. The Consequences of Birth Control Regulation in Some Countries/li>

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