Cause and Effect Essay Topics List to Help Get You Started

published November 15, 2018 - updated November 15, 2018

How often do you have trouble when choosing the subject for your cause and effect essay? If the answer is “too often,” here is a list of good topics and prompts that can make your life a bit easier:

  1. What Kinds of Conflicts Cause Divorce and What Are Its Effects on Spouses and Their Children?
  2. Main Causes of Poverty in the USA and the Effects of Growing up in Poverty Has on a Person
  3. What Causes Steady Growth of Obesity in Developed Countries and What Are the Effects of This Situation?
  4. Long-Lasting Effects of Mobile Phone Usage on Teenagers
  5. Standardized Testing (IELTS etc.) and Its Influence on Dropout Rates among Students
  6. Causes of the American Civil War and Its Effects of World Politics
  7. What Causes Long-Distance Relationships and What Effects Do They Have on Their Participants?
  8. Causes of Homelessness in the USA and Its Effects on the Society in General
  9. Why Is the Number of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders on the Rise and What Does It Mean for the Society?
  10. Does the Habit for Online Shopping Cause People to Spend More Money Than They Intend?
  11. Effects that Being Labeled as Suffering from Dyslexia Has on Children and What It Means for Their Future Development
  12. Are There Any Continuous Effects of Slavery System on the American Society?
  13. Causes and Effects of Rebelliousness among Teenagers in Modern Society
  14. Why Is the Practice of International Adoption on the Rise in Developed Countries?
  15. Main Causes of the Spread of HIV in Africa and Its Influence on Society
  16. Why Do People Engage in Cyberbullying and What Effects It Has on Bullies and Their Victims
  17. Does Technology like Smart Boards Make Students Study Better?
  18. What Causes the Arab Spring and What Are Its Continuous Effects?
  19. Social Media and Their Effects on Family Relationships
  20. Effects of Birth Order on Personality and Future Career

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