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published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

If you don’t think you can handle the chemistry essay on your own, here are some offbeat titles for your academic chemistry paper:

  1. Analysis of the Chemicals that Cause Particular Food Allergies
  2. Plastic Packaging – a Look at Its Effect on the Environment
  3. An Understanding of the Diet Soda Chemistry and How They Affect the Bone Structure
  4. Deficiency of Vitamins in Human Bodies – a Look at Its Causes and Consequences
  5. Analysis of the Use of Sugars for Batteries
  6. Acid Rain in Your Neighborhood and Its Effects on the Plans
  7. Plastics Packaging and Its Influence on Food
  8. An Evaluation of the Chemical Composition of Lava Rocks
  9. Understanding the Chemistry Behind Liquid Bandages
  10. Pheromones and Their Effect on Humans
  11. How Chemistry Brings Alterations to the World
  12. Is Chemistry Involved in Generic Medicines?
  13. The Chemistry Behind Dental Fillings
  14. Wastewater Treatment
  15. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
  16. Counter Electrodes Used for Solar Cell Applications
  17. Branded Drugs vs. Generic Drugs
  18. Different Preservatives Used in Carbonated Drinks
  19. Plant Dyes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications
  20. What Types of Chemical Compounds Trigger the Majority of Human Allergies?

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