Creative Writing Topics: Explore Your Best Untapped Writing Ideas

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

Check out interesting examples of funny short topics that were created by our authors to ease the process of dealing with the assignments for students:

  1. The Concert that Changed My Life for the Worse
  2. Why I Will Succeed: The Most Obvious Reasons
  3. The Time I Saw the Strangest Thing in My Life
  4. If I Could Make Alterations in History, What Will I Do?
  5. If I Had a Million Dollars, I Would….or I Wouldn’t
  6. The Most Beautiful vs. the Ugliest Thing in the World
  7. The Experience that Left Me Disillusioned for Good
  8. The Trip that Has Changed Me and Turned into a Completely Different Person
  9. A Place I Try to Avoid, but One Day I Will Face It
  10. The Forbidden Ways and Why We Walk Them
  11. Walking in the Rain: Is It Romance or Silliness?
  12. The Biggest Risk In My Life and How It Changed Me
  13. Strolling through a Summer Park – a Cure for Depression?
  14. If I Could Invent Something New, It Would Be…
  15. Telling My Life Story from Someone Else’s Point of View
  16. What Piece of Literature, Art or Science Has Influenced Your Life and in Which Way?
  17. Recall an Event in Your Life Where a Great Risk Was Taken, and Now You Call It “the Right Thing to Do”
  18. What Would It Be Like to Live in a World Where Everyone’s Dream Came True?
  19. What Does It Mean to Have a Successful Life? What Is the Best Way to Measure Success?
  20. What Is the Most Interesting Story You Know?

As you start the exploration of untapped creative ideas yourself, you will face the necessity for creative writing topics, exercises and writing prompts for practice and experimentation. Our lives are filled with situations, encounters and various experiences. Anything that you imagine and feel can be incorporated into your creative writing.

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