English Paper Writing Subjects: Write about Something You Care about and Know Well

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

If getting started is the toughest part of the English essay writing procedure, close behind it may be the challenge to pick an interesting topic that isn’t done to death. We’ve produced a short list of English essay topics that, if properly applied, will boost your writing prompts.

  1. Reservation for Women in Legislative Assemblies and Parliament
  2. The Negative Influence of the Dolls Like Barbie on a Little Girl’s Body Image
  3. The Life Experience that May Teach How Appearance Can Be Deceiving
  4. Should Nuclear Weapons Be Outlawed All over the Globe?
  5. Death Penalty: Do People Who Commit Serious Crimes Deserve One?
  6. Reasons that Led to the Second Lancaster House Conference
  7. Effects and Consequences of the Discoveries of Oil
  8. Gothic Art as the Most Magnificent and Preferred in the History of Humankind
  9. Witchcraft on “Macbeth”: Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking as a Supernatural Element of the Storytelling
  10. “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell: How the Characters in the Story Experience an Awakening
  11. Had Literature Shaped American Culture?
  12. The Most Outstanding Authors of the 20th Century
  13. “I Have a Dream”: One of the Most Remarkable Speeches in the World by Martin Luther King
  14. If I Wake Up 200 Years from Now in the Past, I Would…
  15. How Globalization Affects the United States’ Economy
  16. The Advantages of the US Educational System to International Students
  17. The Risks that the US May Face in Terms of Rapidly Changing Climate Conditions

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