Sample Expository Essay Topics to Cover All Your Needs

published November 19, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

Writing a good expository essay isn’t easy, and one of the most difficult things about it is choosing what to write about. To that end, we’ve prepared a list of interesting expository essay topics college students can freely use!

  1. Reasons Why I’ve Chosen a Particular Person to Be My Role Model
  2. If I Could Live in Any Country in the World, Which One Would It Be and Why
  3. What Are the Most Important Stress Factors in My Life and How I Deal with Them
  4. Constant Procrastination and Its Long-Lasting Consequences
  5. If I Were to Redesign My School Building, What Would I Do?
  6. Why Is Depression So Common in Modern Society?
  7. The Importance of Checklists in Organization of Complex Procedures
  8. Interrelations between Mood and Time Perception
  9. What Is My Career Choice and Why I Want to Pursue It
  10. Optimal Decision-Making Process and Its Stages
  11. School Uniforms: Why I Believe Them to Be Beneficial/Harmful
  12. Having a Job at School: Its Influence on Academic Performance and What Long-Lasting Effects It Has
  13. Can School Bullying Be Prevented and Counteracted?
  14. Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet on Communication
  15. Connections between Our Emotional State and Memory
  16. Potential Advantages and Dangers of Inventing a Super-Intelligent AI
  17. Effects of Obesity on the Country’s Economy and Production Rates
  18. The History of My College and How Its Structure Came to Be
  19. Effects of a Single-Parent Household on Children
  20. Nanobots and Their Potential Applications

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Easy Expository Essay Topics on Education and Other Disciplines

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