Geology Essay Topics to Write about for Busy College Students

published November 28, 2018 - updated November 28, 2018

Looking for interesting topics for your academic essay in geology? Have a look at our short list of 20 great topic ideas.

  1. Plate Tectonics Theory: History, Facts, and Evidence
  2. The Earth’s Internal Structure: The Composition and the Characteristics of the Crust, Mantle, and Core
  3. Deforestation: The Latest Facts, Causes, and Long-Term Effects
  4. The Role of the World’s Oceans in the Global Water Cycle
  5. Fossil Fuels as the World’s Primary Energy Source and Their Environmental Impacts
  6. Volcanic Eruptions: Causes, Types, Prediction, and Hazard Mitigation
  7. The Pacific Ring of Fire: Facts, Causes, and Importance
  8. The Rock Cycle: The Concept, Materials, and Processes. Why Is It Important to Life on Earth?
  9. Types of Chemical and Physical Weathering. Influence of Weathering on Soil Formation
  10. The Origin of Earth and the Solar System from the Geological Perspective
  11. Earthquakes: Types, Causes, Consequences, and Geographical Distribution
  12. Types of Natural Rivers and Their General Characteristics. Stages of River Development
  13. African Rivers: Characteristics and Importance. Effect of Climate Change on the African River Systems
  14. Glaciation: Process, Features, and Examples. Effects of Glaciation
  15. Theories of Geological Evolution: Actualism vs. Catastrophism
  16. Geologic Time Periods. Geologic Time Scale and Facts
  17. The Major Plates, Their Boundaries, and Current Movements
  18. Minerals, Their Physical Properties, and Classification. Mineral Groups and Their Characteristics
  19. Milankovitch Cycles and Climate Change
  20. Metamorphic Rocks: Formation, Types, Characteristics. Agents of Metamorphism

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