Political Science Essay Topics for Inspiration

published November 20, 2018 - updated November 20, 2018

Feel free to look through the sample topics here and get inspired for your work:

  1. The Impact of Newspapers on the Political Election Campaign
  2. Media and Its Influence on Political Life
  3. Why Has the US Never Elected a Female for the Presidential Post?
  4. Should World Governments Escalate Restrictions When It Concerns Gun Control?
  5. How Can Political Regulations Help to Combat the Risks of Global Warming?
  6. Why European Union Strictly Controls Immigration?
  7. Are Governments Responsible for Preventing Gambling Addictions and Should Lotteries Be Abolished?
  8. When It Comes to Laws Regarding Human Cloning, How Much Should the Government Intrude?
  9. What Aspect of Your Country’s Constitution Would You Change and Why?
  10. Is the Government Performing Well Enough in Order to Prevent Health Epidemic Caused by Obesity?
  11. Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?
  12. Can North and South Korea Reunite in Future?
  13. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks When It Comes to Promoting Politics
  14. The Role of Newspapers in Political Elections
  15. How Can the World Fight Racism?
  16. Do Refugees Pose Any Threat to the Hosting Country?
  17. Is Democracy Truly the Best form of Government?
  18. Should Political Cartoons Be Banned?
  19. The United States Need to Reconsider Its Two-Party Political System Structure in Relation to Other Countries
  20. Political Practices Should Be Entirely Based on Morality

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Political Theory Essay Topics for Your Best College Project

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