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pollution and plantAmong the problems that worry modern humanity the most, pollution is one of the most worrisome. Though in the recent decades, people—especially in western countries such as the U.S., Canada, and in European countries—have become more conscious about ecology, the overall situation has not changed for the better. The present prominence of pollution has happened due to a number of major factors that have significantly spoiled the environment and decreased the outcomes of people’s efforts to make our planet a cleaner place.

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The first and foremost factor leading to pollution is industrial production—this includes excavating fossils and raw materials from the depths of the planet, as well as their further refinement, and emissions from factories and energy plants, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and organic compounds. In particular, petroleum, which is refined from fossils, in its process of refinement, releases hydrocarbons and other chemicals that pollute the air and soil (Conserve Energy Future). Refineries and factories are allocated all around the world, and the excavation of fossils is crucial for civilization to exist, so the scales of pollution caused by industry are—and possibly will remain—enormous.

Livestock farming and timber production are the second major reason why pollution keeps spreading around the planet. The modern agricultural sector consumes vast amounts of resources, at the same time producing tons of waste. For example, in order to grow cereal and other plants, extremely harmful fertilizers are being used widely. These chemicals affect the environment, as well as human health, in a negative way. In addition, timber production causes global deforestation, and this leads directly to the increase of the carbon dioxide share in the atmosphere (Tropical-Rainforest-Animals).

Yet another factor of environmental pollution is what is usually called household chemicals. Many people unconsciously contribute to massive atmosphere pollution without even knowing it. Fumigating homes, household cleaning products and painting supplies, insect and pest repellents, refrigerator liquids, deodorants, hairspray, and other similar products pollute air every day (ESchoolToday).

As we can see, all of the major pollution factors are connected to the results of human activity. Industrial production and consumption, the excavation and refinement of fossils, agriculture and timber production, as well as household chemicals, pollute the environment greatly. The control of pollution is in our hands—we now have the great responsibility to restore our planet back to normalcy.


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