Assignment Changes

To: Stewart Random

CC: Alice McNeill

Subject Line: Assignment Changes

Hi Stewart,

I know it is starting to look like a complete mess, but the boss has decided to change the assignment once again. I tried to convince her, but… it’s for the third time this month, right? Well, here is what she wants now:

1. Work on the structure of the accessory section. All of the accessories must be sorted out by type, price, and materials. Also, we need a widget for the 3D-preview, so customers can evaluate every piece of jewelry in advance.

2. Work on the title page. It must contain information about recent updates (with images), a search field, and an animated archive gallery (carousel). Mind that users should not have to scroll down the pageā€”all information must be visible at a glance.

3. Optimize the search engine. Results must be sorted by relevance and by date. The website should also be in the top 10 Google search results for such queries as accessories, buy accessories, buy jewelry, rings, earrings, necklace.

I’ll do my best to postpone the deadline, since I understand how you must feel having to start all over again, but please hurry if you can!

Good luck,



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