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Digital watermarks are a promising technology that are expected to significantly improve the situation in the digital rights management field. Digital watermarks are not perceptible by human senses, and do not affect the quality of content. They can contain various information about the digital product, such as copyright information, the content ID, and special content flags for filtering. This will help protect copyrighted content, and in perspective, enable P2P networks to cooperate with owners and content retailers.


– Consult with content retailers and rights owners to determine the conditions of DW implementation and possible legal problems connected to it.
– Consult with the Technical Department on the security problems to find out whether there are risks involving digital watermarks being cracked or faked.
– Contact the Patent Office.
– Contact the most popular P2P network administrations.
– Conduct additional research on digital watermarking: possible risks, financial expenditures, legal issues, terms of implementation, standards, and so on.


The goal of this report is to examine the practical aspects of implementing digital watermarking technology, which protects digital products from illegal use. The necessity of implementing new methods of copyright protection are connected to the increasing frequency of violations and abuse in this field (…)


The market of digital music and films is constantly expanding. With the help of new technologies, such as cloud computing and P2P networks, it has become much easier and faster to exchange data. In addition, these technologies have given a new direction to online marketing. Customers do not have to wait until their purchase is delivered: they can enjoy their digital product, be it a piece of software, a media file, or a game, immediately after transferring money.

However, new possibilities are constrained with new security issues. The more advantages modern technologies grant to people, the more problematic defending from Internet piracy becomes. In fact, despite the tightening of the legislation in the field of copyright protection, the violation of authors’ rights and unlawful distribution of digital products is still far from its solution.

At the same time, we believe there is a way to minimize the damage dealt to software and media manufacturers, as well as to holders and authors. Digital watermarking is a promising technology that can help protect digital content from pirates (…)

Key Findings

– Digital watermarks can enable P2P networks to distinguish copyrighted and non-copyrighted materials within existing P2P system architecture. Digital watermarks could be also used to enable the P2P networks’ providers work with software and media retailers or content owners to legitimately sell copyrighted materials and related items.
– Digital watermarks can be embedded into and read from media files, such as video or audio without influencing their quality.
– Digital watermarks are not perceptible by human ears or eyes, and cannot be detected by users without using a computer.
– Digital watermarks can include such information as copyright information, content ID, special marks for filtering the content, and so on.
– Digital watermarks should be standardized according to one model, adopted worldwide.
– Digital watermarking technology does not require significant financial expenses for implementation, therefore it can be widely used.

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