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People got used to having it all at their fingertips (access to the Internet, music, books, photo cameras, communication devices). Numerous gadgets of all configurations offered by vendors/developers to satisfy needs; competition, useless corporate wars; fashion obsession for “exclusive gadgets”; conferring status and prestige, meaning to devices → evaluating other people by what technologies they own. Alternative: extremely cheap highly specialized cell phones that everyone used to exploit 5-10 years ago. Each type of mobile phone has advantages and disadvantages; both have opponents and proponents. Using simple cell phones is preferable due to numerous reasons (cheaper/easier to use/are designed to perform 1-2 functions, and do it better and more stable then multifunctional, hi-end smartphones)

1st body paragraph

Focus on cheap cell phones, designed only to make and receive calls and SMS. Among the advantages of cell phones, one can obviously point out their simplicity – even a granny can use it with ease and comfort → also useful for small children and for anyone facing an extreme situation, when they need to call for help immediately; low price → people are not afraid that the phone will be lost, broken, or stolen; no danger of losing other personal data than phone numbers and a couple of SMS; long battery life → nowadays people have almost forgotten that a phone can be recharged once a week, not every day; always in touch without a recharger; cheap phones do no require expensive repairs, because it is cheaper and easier to buy a new phone then to look for a service center; it is reasonable to use a phone for calling, not for playing games or taking pictures, which are often low-quality, no matter how many megapixels the phone can boast of. At the same time, if you like to read books, listen to music, and take pictures, you will have to carry three more additional appliances with you, instead of one smartphone, which is a disadvantage.

2nd body paragraph

Dedicate this paragraph to the advantages of smartphones. A smartphone can be easily used as an audio and video player, an electronic book, a GPS navigator, a photo camera, a web browser, a communication device, a text processor, a business tool for solving various problems and making complex calculations. The user doesn’t have to carry numerous appliances, and can stay in touch with all his or her surroundings due to the help of mobile applications. However, smartphones have numerous disadvantages as well (high price; a need of regular of constant recharges; all personal data stored on one device → in the case of losing the phone its owner will be exposed to various dangers connected to hacking of their accounts, banking data, personal notes and content, and so on; size and weight; expensive service and repair cost; constantly stained screen) + viruses. Mention the obsession of having brand new hardware, so that users are ready to pay more and more money for devices that differ slightly and are released on the market rather often. Hi-tech gadgets lead to forming a phobia called F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) → people are afraid to miss an important event or interesting information, to be forgotten by their contacts, so that they have to stay in touch 24/7, post information and so on.


Choosing a cell phone or a smartphone for personal use depends on the preferences of each user (one can hardly tell that a cell phone is better than a smartphone, or vice versa, because it strongly depends on users’ needs and priorities, and on what they consider to be comfortable). While one kind of devices offers multifunctionality, the other one can boast high-stability and autonomy rates.

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