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May 24, 2014

Silverton College of Visual Arts and Design
Head of the Admission Committee
23 Random St.
Silverton, NE 71129, USA

Dear Mr. Picassini,

I was surprised and disappointed to receive a letter from the admission committee at the Silverton College of Visual Arts and Design stating that my candidacy has been deferred from being accepted as a student. I am writing this letter hoping to convince the admissions committee to change its decision about my postponement.

I have chosen the Silverton College of Visual Arts and Design for two main reasons. First of all, the college is renowned for its wide participation in the majority of artistic events taking place in the United States and even in Europe; the college’s best students are known to be sent to participate in art fairs, contests, and festivals on the account of the institution, which is a great benefit for any artist.

Secondly, the Silverton College of Visual Arts and Design has an outstanding department for graphics, in which I am majoring in. Among all visual arts, graphics, in my opinion, is among the most sophisticated directions, as it requires the artist to express complicated concepts with simple means. I have seen graphic works made by the college’s students, and I was impressed by the level of performance; therefore, I am striving to become a student within the department of graphics.

Since passing the SATs with high marks, I have continued to prepare myself for studying. Particularly, I attended workshops on graphics, conducted by Michael Way; also, I participated in workshops on Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, conducted during the week of eastern culture at Silverton. One of my graphic works has been recently accepted to be exhibited in the “Crucian” gallery.

Studying at the Silverton College of Visual Arts and Design would be a significant step towards my dream to become an artist. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert Martin

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