Becoming a Student

Getting accepted in a respectable university or college is both a challenging and important task for every high school graduate these days. With constantly rising academic standards and requirements of American and European educational systems, college and university entrants are faced with obstacles of all sorts when preparing themselves for the admission process. Getting through this crucial stage and successfully enrolling in the university you opt for means setting a solid foundation for your future career and life prospects. Needless to say, taking the process seriously and doing your best to get admitted is what every determined entrant focuses on.


To help you achieve this aim, our experts in the field of academic and admission writing have prepared a set of direct, specific guidelines along with prudent samples to link theory with practice. Get acquainted with what admission committees are looking for in successful entrants, as well as what lapses and mistakes to avoid. Learn how to properly write application letters, admission essays, statements of purpose, scholarship essays, and personal statements. Applying to educational institutions and choosing from hundreds of programs and courses is enough trouble in itself. Moreover, writing your motivation letter is indeed a time-consuming and burdensome task that calls for masterful writing skills and a perfect knowledge of admission writing specifics, rules and requirements.


The most important mistake that college entrants repeat is procrastinating with their admission papers until the last day and eventually getting trapped under the load of the pressure from an elapsing deadline. Stop putting off this job and get started on your admission process by acquainting yourself with the specific instructions for writing your particular admission paper. Find out about the stages of writing an admission essay, key points to consider when completing application letters, common mistakes often made by applicants in their personal statements and statements of purpose, as well as dos and don’ts of scholarship essay writing.


Good luck!

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