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A*Help Score: 68.7/100
🔥 published February 21, 2024 - updated June 26, 2024

Quick Overview presents itself as a competent tool for generating essays with a primary benefit of swift text creation and a simple user interface. With an A*Help score of 68.7/100, it offers a mix of features that cater to students seeking a quick turnaround for essay drafts. However, the value for money scores poorly at 10/25, indicating potential gaps in service offerings or pricing structure that could affect user satisfaction.

The Good
  • Fast essay generation
  • User-friendly website experience
  • Offers a free version
The Bad
  • Questionable value for money
  • Formatting issues in essay
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A*Help is getting ready to test CollegeEssayAI (click to see a large image)

Paper Quality — 34.7/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️’s performance in paper quality reveals a mixed bag. On one hand, the essays generated quickly and with a decent structure, indicating a capability to aid students in drafting essays. However, the professor’s assessment highlights several areas for improvement, such as the lack of a formal writing style, and issues with document formatting including vertical and horizontal spacing, as well as font control. The mechanics of the writing, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation, were decent but showed room for enhancement. The reasoning and logic scored lower, pointing to a need for better clarity and objectivity in the essays produced.

Paper score:  82.2/100

Parameter Personal Essay
Paper score 82.2/100
Creation time a few seconds
Number of words 523

Value for Money — 10/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The value proposition of is where it seems to falter. Priced at $7.99 monthly, the service increases the word limit to 2000 words but fails to offer comprehensive features such as a research assistant, in-text citation finder, or a plagiarism checker. Additionally, the absence of app or browser extension access further limits the tool’s utility. While the platform does offer a free trial with a 350-word limit, the overall package may not justify the subscription cost for some users.

A screenshot showing available pricing plans at
Pricing plans at (click to see a large image)
Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

Overall Experience — 24/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ excels in providing a seamless user experience. The platform’s registration process, although requiring both email and phone, is straightforward. The website is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, making essay creation simple and quick. The ability to get a glimpse of the service with a partial trial before registration adds to the platform’s user-friendly approach. However, the lack of a support guide might leave some users seeking more assistance in navigating the service.

A screenshot of generation process at CollegeEssay. ai
Generation process and instructions at CollegeEssay. ai (click to see a large image)
Website Experience
Text creation time

Conclusion offers a solid foundation for quick and simple essay writing needs, marked by an excellent user interface and efficient text generation. Nonetheless, to elevate its standing as a top-tier writing assistant, it needs to address gaps in paper quality, support resources, and service variety. Users looking for straightforward essay writing assistance may find it useful, but those in need of comprehensive writing support might consider exploring additional options.

FAQ Reviews

In addition to our testing, we also examined user feedback on platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reddit. These sources provided a broader view of the service’s performance, highlighting both satisfaction with the platform’s ease of use and concerns over the depth of writing assistance offered.

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam. It offers a legitimate service that generates essays based on user inputs, complemented by a straightforward payment system and a free trial option.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate tool designed to assist users in creating essays quickly. Its features and services, as tested and reviewed, demonstrate its purpose as a helpful writing aid.

Is Safe? appears to be a safe platform for generating essays. It requires registration and utilizes common payment methods, indicating a level of security for user information.

Is Trustworthy?

Based on our review and user feedback, is trustworthy for the services it claims to offer—fast and simple essay generation. However, users should manage their expectations regarding the depth and breadth of writing assistance.

Is a Good Service? provides a good service for users looking for quick and straightforward essay writing help. While it has its limitations in terms of advanced features and comprehensive writing support, it performs well for basic essay generation needs. Specs

> Website experience  
Aesthetic Interface
Easy-to-use platform
Simple Essay creation flow
Trying before registration
Full time to generate essay a few sec
Wordcount limits 350 words in a free version
2000 words in a paid plan
> Support System  
Support chat/phone
> Services  
AI chat
Research assistant
In-text citations
Reference finder
MLA and APA Citations
Grammar check
> Subscriptions & Limits  
Wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal)
American Express
> Free trial  
Free trial/plan
Limits 350 words
> Text Creation Options  
>Text Submission  
Format  Simple text
Formatting Partially

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