You know the feeling: searching the Internet for great academic help, reading reviews about services, draining the web to the point that you are left at a crossroads flanked by two formidable tools – ChatGPT and Bing’s AI. It’s as tough as choosing the best Taylor Swift album. With your trusted buddy – AcademicHelp – it should not be hard at all. We’ll help you make the right choice. 

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ChatGPT has been a hot topic since the fall of 2022. The excitement over the tool that can generate text and code, check writing for spelling and grammar errors, rewrite, paraphrase, outline, and brainstorm ideas was through the roof. 

The rollout of other AI-powered chatbots did not make the users wait long. In February 2023 the Bing search engine, from Microsoft, announced its integration with AI. This advanced tool proved to be as effective as ChatGPT. So, today we’ll compare both services to discover which is better. 

ChatGPT vs Bing: What’s the Key Difference?

First things first, even though these chatbots are different, they are both powered by OpenAI’s model. Looking closely, it becomes clear that users can access the latest ChatGPT 4 feature for free on Bing. However, to use GPT-4.0, a paid subscription with ChatGPT Plus is required. 

Bing offers to use GPT-4 in its chat
Bing offers to use GPT-4 in its chat (click to see a bigger picture)

If you wanted to see how well is ChatGPT’s free version (GPT-3.5) suited for writing, you can check out our review here.

Moving to the key difference is that ChatGPT has information up to late 2021, while, Bing AI can search for current information on the Internet, and provide relevant sources. 

When you are ready to uncover the power of AI, with both tools you do not waste time creating an account. In just a few seconds you can send any prompts to the chat, like: “write an outline for a report on water pollution”, “explain the process of volcanic eruption”, and “why Shakespeare is still relevant today”. Bing AI and ChatGPT will not make you wait for answers. 

We tried to generate an essay with both chatbots, and the final big difference was writing. Despite not having access to the latest data, ChatGPT did it better and according to the academic standards. Bing proved to excel at short copy and serves as a free shortcut to GPT-4.0. 

ChatGPT Bing
💼CompanyOpenAIMicrosoft Copilot
🤖ModelGPT-4.0OpenAI’s DALL-E 2
With email
Can be used without sign-in
💰Free/Paid UseFree use of GPT-3.5
GPT-4.0 – $20/month
Free use of GPT-4.0
✍️Writing CompetenceAverage essay quality which lacks higher-quality scholarly referencesHighly repetitive essay with improper citations
🎯Best fit forComprehensive and detailed answersWell-rounded search 
🌟A*Help Score62/10064.5/100

How We Did the Testing 

Making the right choice in favor of a tool is tough. Hence, we understand the need for objective reviews when comparing such big names as ChatGPT and Bing. Our team put them both through the same task with a set of requirements. Check out the picture below to get familiar with the details. 

The key to a good AI tool doesn’t solely rely on its writing proficiency. Accessibility, helpfulness, and functionality are also highly valued by users. That’s why, all of these criteria added up to the final A*Help assessment score. 

How we tested ChatGPT vs Bing

Bing vs ChatGPT: First View

Bing AI and ChatGPT are chatbots that you can access from any device, be it your laptop or a tablet, and even a phone for hip Gen Z users. 

Whether you need to have in-text citations, a reference list, or a special requirement for the writing style, you name it, both AI-powered services can fit any writing needs. Having tried ChatGPT and Bing, it became clear that the former tool outranks in writing quality, as well as citations (but they still need to be perfected)

Do you need to splurge to use these chatbots? Definitely not. You can use the tools for free. But if you end up picking ChatGPT, bear in mind that the advanced model GPT-4.0 costs $20 on a monthly subscription. 

ChatGPT vs Bing: Results

You googled “ChatGPT vs Bing” for a reason – to find a solution to a dilemma. We know that the search and testing take a lot of time. Our team did it all. The results below will help you pick the trusted AI writer.

Generation flow: Bing followed the instructions better

Built as artificial intelligence bots, no wonder that ChatGPT and Bing cannot write like people. However, the latter proved to be more efficient at following instructions and the topic. Moreover, both generators referenced 2 sources as was requested.  

It’s worth mentioning that Bing did a great job during the writing process at checking whether sentences were grammatically correct. Plus, this tool has different writing modes. So, if you need to be more creative or accurate in your work, you can easily tweak your style according to your needs. 

Choosing Bing's writing mode for our task
Choosing Bing’s writing mode for our task (click to see a bigger picture)

Referencing: None achieved the set goal 

Number of references included22
Citation StyleFaintly resembles APAFaintly resembles APA

Despite the vast access to a great number of external sources, ChatGPT and Bing still struggle with adding and editing references according to academic standards. Both services failed to reach the set requirements. As a result, the final draft ended up with a reference list that vaguely resembled the APA style.

Wordcount: ChatGPT found to be Better at Writing Longer Texts

606 words571 words

Meeting the word count is the next hard task after sitting down to write an essay. ChatGPT knows how to deal with this thanks to the quick and pain-free generation. Not only did it follow the instructions, but it also crafted a lengthy text that comprehensively covered all different aspects of the topic.

ChatGPT wrote a long essay and included in-text citations
ChatGPT wrote a long essay and included in-text citations (click to see a bigger picture)

Professor’s Evaluations


Every unbiased statement needs a judge call. In the academic arena, the trusted judge of the AcademicHelp team is our fellow US professor. Having evaluated both works using academically recognized grading criteria, it became evident which platform was better suited for writing purposes.

The numbers speak for themselves: ChatGPT is taking the lead. Though, it’s worth mentioning that the race is not entirely fair, since both AI-writers can only provide average results. 

In comparison, it’s clear that each has its strengths. ChatGPT notably pulled ahead in essay length and punctuation. Bing, on the other hand, excelled in spelling and word choice. However, the former showed a more balanced performance in several areas, including grammar, citation formatting, and clarity. 

Didn’t both services have a weak spot for references? True, though, ChatGPT received a slightly higher mark for its reference styling efforts. However, it’s worth noting that the quality of cited sources was lacking in the essays from both AI writers

ChatGpt’s EssayBing’s Essay
Word Choice74%96%
Citation Formatting30%0%
Plagiarism Check25.74%38.62%

Nowadays, AI-driven plagiarism is one of the biggest worries in academia. When we look at this crucial point, ChatGPT stands out because its essay has minimal plagiarism. Meanwhile, Bing AI, with a 38.62% mark, just couldn’t match up to ChatGPT’s original writing.

Essay by ChatGPT

Essay by Bing

Plagiarism check of the essay by ChatGPT

Checking ChatGPT's essay for plagiarism with Academichelp's Plagiarism Checker
Checking ChatGPT’s essay for plagiarism with Academichelp’s Plagiarism Checker (click to see a bigger picture)

Plagiarism check of the essay by Bing

Checking Bing's essay for plagiarism with Academichelp's Plagiarism Checker
Checking Bing’s essay for plagiarism with Academichelp’s Plagiarism Checker (click to see a bigger picture)

The Verdict

In this head-to-head comparison, Bing stands out as a solid alternative to ChatGPT, particularly with its proficiency in spelling and word choice. However, ChatGPT ultimately outperforms Bing. It excels in producing longer, more detailed texts and has a slight advantage in citation formatting. Crucially, ChatGPT’s lower plagiarism score is a key factor in its favor for academic writing. Hence, the popular AI bot secures the upper hand in this matchup with its more across-the-board and versatile approach to academic writing tasks.

If you are not particularly stoked about Bing’s win, you can also check out how well Google’s Bard and Anthropic’s Claude presented in the battle agaisnt ChatGPT.


Is Bing Chat using GPT-4?

Yes, Bing Chat uses GPT-4.0, and it is accessible for free. As soon as OpenAI improved its model, this AI chatbot started running on a more advanced model to provide users with a more customized search.

What AI is better than ChatGPT?

There is no direct answer to this question. Many online AI writers can be decent alternatives to ChatGPT. Just a few big names are, Bard, Bing, and Claud. The AcademicHelp team reviewed these services so you can quickly make the right choice of you.  However, please remember to use the AI writing tools cautiously and as a source of additional help. 

Is ChatGPT 4 the best AI?

Currently, in comparison to the previous model, GPT-3.5, GPT-4.0 has more advantages in writing closer to humans and providing more accurate results. 

Is Bing AI better than Bard?

When comparing Bing vs Google Bard it’s worth mentioning that both chatbots are helpful. However, the first one lacks in writing quality. Bard, on the other hand, shows decent document formatting, and language, as well as rapid responses. 

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