This month: A critical perspective was offered on the obsession with college prestige and the stressful admissions race. Meanwhile, an increasing number of students report feeling mentally drained and an article presented five potential solutions to tackle mental fatigue. Also, the frustrating experience of receiving no responses to job applications was dissected, offering five common reasons behind the silence. In one insightful piece, it was discussed how learning a third language often proves to be easier than mastering a second. Coders, on the other hand, shared a heartfelt narrative that charted one individual’s journey towards becoming a software developer. In the end, as the new school year began, there was a focus on the rising concern of AI-driven plagiarism. Expert insights revealed the sophistication of new plagiarism techniques and underscored the need for vigilance and innovative detection methods.

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If you are not into reading the news but still want to stay updated on the latest trends in the lives of students, A*Help got you covered. We collect all the juiciest and most discussed topics to form a monthly digest to keep you posted on what’s happening on college campuses and dorms. We are determined to give you the most valuable pieces so you don’t waste your time on irrelevant information. On top of that, this news summary can be useful in showing you what trends students currently face and how they are preparing to study again.

The Harsh Truth about College “Prestige Whores and Admission Rat Race”

 August 4, 2023

The Harsh Truth about College “Prestige Whores and Admission Rat Race”

The chase for prestige in college admissions is at an all-time high, with students and parents becoming increasingly consumed by the status of elite institutions. 

However, experts caution that this fierce competition often overshadows the genuine educational benefits and transformative experiences these institutions provide. As the rat race intensifies, there’s a growing call for a more balanced perspective on the true value of higher education.

5 Reasons Why No One Replies To Your Job Applications

August 7, 2023

5 Reasons Why No One Replies To Your Job Applications

Job seekers often find themselves in a perplexing situation when they don’t receive responses to their applications. Common pitfalls include generic resumes that lack customization for specific roles, a visible online presence that might deter potential employers, and the failure to follow application instructions meticulously. Additionally, applying for unsuitable roles or having unexplained employment gaps can further diminish chances. 

The main advice is refining resumes, maintaining a professional online image, and thorough research to increase the odds of getting a response.

Learning A Third Language Is Much Easier Than A Second One. But Why?

August 8, 2023

Learning A Third Language Is Much Easier Than A Second One. But Why?

Recent studies have revealed that individuals who have learned a second language find it significantly easier to pick up a third. This phenomenon is attributed to the “language transfer” effect, where skills and knowledge from one language assist in understanding another. 

Additionally, having undergone the process once, learners have already developed effective strategies and mental flexibility. They’re familiar with the challenges and have the confidence built from past success. The insights highlight the benefits of multilingual education and the potential ease of adding even more languages to one’s repertoire.

Why am I always mentally tired? Here are 5 ways to treat mental fatigue

August 10, 2023

5 ways to treat mental fatigue

Mental exhaustion is becoming increasingly prevalent among students, affecting their daily lives and academic performances. This fatigue is attributed to various factors, including the constant influx of information, sleep deprivation, and an overwhelming number of tasks. 

However, solutions are at hand. Recommended strategies to combat mental tiredness include setting clear boundaries, ensuring regular breaks during study sessions, prioritizing physical activity, establishing a routine sleep schedule, and incorporating mindfulness practices. These methods can help students rejuvenate their minds and maintain optimal cognitive function.

Overcoming Doubt: My Journey to Becoming a Software Developer – A True Story

August 17, 2023

My Journey to Becoming a Software Developer

IT industry is becoming increasingly popular, with many trying to transfer into this field. This route, however, is not without its challenges. A budding software developer shared a personal journey of grappling with self-doubt and challenges in the tech industry. The individual recalled the initial struggles of feeling overwhelmed and battling impostor syndrome, common among newcomers in the sector. 

However, with unwavering determination, a commitment to continuous learning, and seeking mentorship, the developer not only honed coding skills but also built confidence. This story serves as an inspiration to others in the field, emphasizing the importance of persistence and seeking support in the face of adversity.

Combatting AI-Driven Plagiarism: Back to School Insights from Professors and Experts

August 30, 2023

Combatting AI-Driven Plagiarism: Back to School Insights from Professors and Experts

As students headed back to school, educators raised concerns about a new challenge: AI-driven plagiarism. This advanced form of cheating used artificial intelligence to craft essays, making it harder for traditional plagiarism checkers to detect. 

Professors and experts emphasized the importance of adapting to this emerged trend, suggesting the integration of more sophisticated detection tools and promoting a deeper understanding and value for originality among students. The discourse highlighted the continuous and evolving battle between technology and academic integrity.


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