Top 10 Most Difficult to Pronounce Words in the English Language

By Nicholas Klacsanzky

Hi everyone!

English is definitely not among the languages that are easy to learn. However, if you think that it is true only for foreigners, you are wrong. Native speakers also experience problems with the language they should (supposedly) speak easily. In particular, one of the headaches is pronunciation. I dislike some English words. Just for an example, here are some of the words that give people trouble.

Trying to say it out loud feels like jumping over slippery rocks in a mountain stream. Ugh!

Trying to pronounce this word also puts an association in my mind: trying to speak with a mouth full of semolina. Like you are high and cannot say a thing, but can only mumble like a baby seal. “Rlrl’bldlading”—this is the maximum I am capable of.

Every time I say it, I say “amenone,” making a sea creature sound like some sort of a drug. Still, compared to “rlrl’bldlading” this is definitely not a bad result.

To me, this word sounds like a mix of “melioration” and “determination.” Pronouncing both of them is easy; however, merged into the monstrous “deterioration,” they give me a headache.

I like this word’s contraction to “misc.”—it’s short and easy. But the full word is awful. I would probably use it more often if it only had at least three letters less, or it didn’t have this “sc” horror in the beginning.

Yeah, I know that this is not a word for everyday life, but still, this word is impossible to pronounce correctly. You think this “ces” part in the middle has something to do with the pronunciation? You are wrong, it’s there just for beauty, or I don’t know why. The correct way to say this word is “Woostersheer.” Shake my head.

If you think that it’s difficult to pronounce only long words, you are wrong. Try pronouncing this correctly from the first attempt! My closest transcription is “Kwyer.” What about you?

I’ve always used the word “fridge”—I guess as many other normal people around do. For your own sake, keep doing it, because saying “refrigerator” too often is known to drive people crazy.

All you need to know is that it’s the same as ORL.

Doctors already deserve all the money they get paid if they can spell this one without a stumble. Good that they can also treat people.

And what are the most difficult words for you?


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