Preply Black Friday Deals

published October 20, 2023 - updated January 30, 2024

Students are often caught in the delicate balance of managing their time, studies, and finances. Every dollar saved matters, as they juggle tuition fees, study materials, accommodation, and other living expenses. It’s a constant hustle to stretch their budget, hunting for discounts, deals, and opportunities to save on both essentials and the occasional treat. This is where Black Friday, one of the year’s biggest sale events, comes into play. It offers students a golden opportunity to snag deals on items they’ve had their eyes on, from gadgets to study materials or even experiences like language lessons. For many, Black Friday is not just about shopping—it’s about making smart financial decisions and maximizing value for every penny spent.

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preply black friday

Preply is a digital platform designed to connect language learners with private tutors from around the world. Whether you’re aiming to master a new language, improve your conversational skills, or delve into specific language nuances, Preply tutoring provides a tailored experience to meet those needs. The platform boasts a vast selection of tutors for a wide range of languages, each with their unique teaching styles and expertise. Students can browse through tutor profiles, check their reviews, and watch introduction videos to find a perfect match. Additionally, the platform offers flexible scheduling and lesson prices set by tutors themselves, ensuring that learners can find instruction that fits their budget and availability. Through its interactive interface, students and tutors can engage in real-time video sessions, exchange resources, and track learning progress. With its focus on personalized learning, Preply offers a convenient and effective way for individuals to achieve their language goals at their own pace and would be amazing to have a little discount on everything mentioned above. What student doesn’t like a good bonus?

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Relevant Preply Black Friday Discounts

Black Friday is around the corner, and Preply is making language learning more accessible than ever. This year, they’re offering an impressive 30% discount on any order made through their platform. For those just starting their language journey on Preply, there’s a fantastic opportunity to dip your toes in with a 50% discount on your very first lesson. But that’s not all! On top of the initial 50% off, there’s an extra 20% savings available for your first lesson. For business professionals or those aspiring to excel in the corporate world, Preply also has a special offer: a Business English course available for just $4. It’s an excellent time to kickstart or advance your language goals with these enticing deals from Preply.

The Black Friday deal “avalanche” is expected to start on the 24th of November, which is quite soon! So take out your dictionaries and be prepared to immerse yourself in the world of language tutoring, with a little bit of money saved on the side, of course.

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How Much Does Preply Regularly Cost?

Preply is a platform where tutors set their own prices, so there isn’t a fixed rate for lessons across the board. The cost largely depends on the tutor’s qualifications, expertise, and the language they teach. Prices can vary significantly, with some tutors charging as low as $5 per hour, while others, especially those with specialized skills or in high demand, might ask for upwards of $50 per hour or more.

Several factors can influence the rates tutors set, including the rarity of the language, the tutor’s level of experience, their teaching credentials, and the specific subject or specialization they offer. For example, a general conversational English lesson might be priced differently from a specialized Business English course or preparation for proficiency exams.

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To help students find the right fit within their budget, Preply’s search function allows filtering by price range. Additionally, many tutors offer trial lessons at a reduced rate, giving students an opportunity to experience their teaching style before committing to regular lessons.

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