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Interview Samples

Conducting an interview is no walk in the park. It requires patience, knowledge of the interviewee beforehand, and knowing how to ask the right questions. Look at our interview samples to get an idea of how to conduct your own interview.

Jesus Christ was the First Celebrity

By Susan Strang Christian Jankowski’s film, ‘Casting Jesus’, currently at the Lisson Gallery in London, features an audition to select an actor for the role…

Being a Psychologist

Interviewer: Joanne Callahan, radio host. Interviewee: Sigmund Croyde, psychologist, a member of the American Psychological Association. [excerpt] Q. Have you ever visited a psychologist yourself?…

Why is the Government Dangerous?

Interviewer: Oprah King, TV host. Interviewee: Gary Newman, the leader of the “Go Left” left-wing opposition political party. Q. Gary, you are renowned as a…

Artist Simon Smith

Interviewer: Joanne Callahan, radio host Interviewee: Simon Smith, artist Q. Let us get back to your oeuvre. You are famous for your outstanding manner of…

Photographer Mathew Wallas

Interviewer — Joanne Callahan, radio host Interviewee — Mathew Wallas, photographer (excerpt) Q. Okay, we all have seen photographic reports where all kinds of suffering…

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