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Week 41

Unlike the previous period, when all disciplines kept their positions in the ranking, this week witnessed a lot of changes in the top five. Nursing is the first, as expected, and English 101 is still in third place. The silver medalist is History, which we see again after a month’s absence. Business studies dropped to fourth place for the first time since observations, and Social Work rounded out the top five disciplines for writing academic essays this week.

TOP Essay Disciplines Total orders Previous week 🔥 Updated December 2023
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13.18% 13.39% Top essay topics
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Business Studies
8.82% 8.02% Top essay topics
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English 101
6.34% 6.26% Top essay topics
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5.85% 5.81% Top essay topics
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3.96% 5.37% Top essay topics

> TOPIC FOCUS – Nursing

Recently, the subject of leadership has drawn significant attention in academic writing across diverse disciplines, ranging from English 101 to Psychology. Given its universal relevance, it’s no wonder that even specialized fields like Nursing are exploring it. This has led to selecting of “Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) as Healthcare Advocates and Policy Influencers” as the week’s topic.


Every time History makes it to the top five disciplines, it’s noteworthy, particularly when it’s only the subject’s second entry into the rankings, and it jumps straight to the second spot, pushing aside the long-standing favorite, Business Studies. A weekly surge of 7% in its metrics ensured History’s triumph in this category.

> THE STEEPEST DECLINE – Business Studies

Business Studies consistently holding the second spot has become the norm, with only a few deviations from this trend. Yet, it’s unprecedented for it to fall to the fourth place. Even though it still remains within the top five, the significant dip in its metrics marks Business Studies as the discipline with the most significant decline this time.

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