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Hi everyone!

card about vacations and workThose of you who will soon have to return back to work or studying, accept my condolences. The condition when your mind is still relaxed and wandering, but physically you have to mobilize yourself and prepare for loads of tasks, is a frustrating state to be in (I know what I’m talking about—I’ve just returned from a vacation myself). The good news is that there are ways to minimize the effects of this transition and make it less stressful. So, if today is the last day of your vacation, or if you have already returned to your office, classroom, or campus, try following the following steps.

1. Plan your return. The worst-case scenario is boarding off a train or airplane, rushing home to drop off your bags and backpacks, then rushing to your workplace, and sitting there for eight hours. The ultimate worst scenario is to rush to the office with all the stuff you have brought from the trip, and then sitting there for eight hours. To avoid this turmoil, return from your vacation a day earlier, and plan your activities.

2. Have good rest. One of the mistakes people make after returning from vacation is that they engage in a number of activities without allowing themselves to have a good sleep. This is especially crucial in the case when you arrive from a trip. Instead of trying to solve all the problems of the Universe at once, go to bed and get good sleep. If it is impossible to do so immediately on arrival, try to go to bed one or two hours earlier. During sleep, your brain “reloads” and digests all the impressions received during vacations; if you don’t give your brain this chance, you’ll feel all the charms of shattered and wandering thinking.

3. Don’t be harsh to yourself. This means you should not expect too much from yourself in studying and/or working, relationships with your relatives, friends, partners, and so on. It often happens that after vacations, many surrounding things, events, and people start to annoy us, although we tolerated them before easily. This is normal, so do not blame yourself for being irritated. Just give yourself some time to adapt; if you are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, warn this person that you are in a bad mood. The same refers to your work and/or studying: do not expect yourself to be as effective as were before the vacation—you need some time to get into the flow.

4. Start your mornings in a healthy way. This means what we all know: fresh and healthy food, meditation, and some physical exercises. These activities help us to keep our minds and mood positive, which is especially crucial within the first days after returning from vacations. Don’t make the typical mistake of most people, which is to check work emails and updates in social networks while still being at home, in bed. First relax, do some stretches, take a shower, and eat something healthy—everything else can wait. Combined with point #2, this recommendation leads to great results.

5. Drink a lot of water and spend a lot of time outside. It has been proven that exposure to sunlight is directly connected to the way a person feels; the less exposed to sunshine you are, the more stressed (or even depressed) you may feel. Treat yourself like a sun panel on a solar power plant: the more light you get, the better you feel and do all things. Water is of the same importance: even its slightest lack can negatively affect your productivity, mood, and health, so you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.

I hope these recommendations will help you feel better, and return to your regular life after vacations easier. As for me, I am now going to fulfill recommendation #2.

See you!

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