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how to write a summary essaySummary essays have always been among my favorite type of essays. I used to find some kind of magic in the ability to compress lengthy pieces of complicated writing into a brief, clear academic paper. However, practice shows that many students find this task impossible to accomplish; let the experience of those students serve you as an example of…

The Wrong Way to Write Summary Essays

1. Any smart person can easily understand what an article or another piece of writing is about simply from of the title; respectively, there is often no need to read through the whole thing to understand the core idea.

2. This type of academic assignment assumes your paper should be pretty short, doesn’t it? If so, there is no need to bother yourself with writing outlines, sketching out main ideas, and other silly stuff that teachers usually like to talk about. “Swallow” the whole piece at once—I mean, write as you think.

3. Proceed to the main idea of a summarized article immediately from the very first sentence of your summary. This is cool, and will help your teacher get straight to the point without having to read boring introductions no one really needs.

4. Skip to the places and ideas of a summarized text that were the most interesting to you, and omit details that were boring or which you did not understand. Or, on the contrary, you can always cover your ignorance with a bunch of minor distracting details. Smart move!

5. A good idea would be to restate everything in the conclusion (unfortunately, teachers like to require including it in summary essays, and what else to write in conclusions?).

6. Don’t be shy to show your own vision and understanding of the summarized source. Your teacher will definitely appreciate your valuable opinion!

7. Express your judgment about the summarized piece of writing on every occasion. People just need to know what you think about a guy who could write such $%^&.

8. Forget about citing quotations! Only mentioning the source’s name is okay.

Make sure to follow these instructions, and your summary essays will always be outstanding… in a certain way. Stay updated, and see you!

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