10 Things Writers Say

By Bhalachandra Sahaj

Hi everyone.

writing quoteMost people around the world use catchphrases—something they say now and then when there is an appropriate opportunity. Among the most common of them are such phrases as “I told you,” “Mommy knows better,” “I am too old for this,” and so on. However, there’s other kinds of catchphrases: those that only the representatives of certain professions say. In this blog post, I’ve collected examples of the 10 typical things that probably only writers say.

  • “What do you mean you can’t publish it? It’s brilliant!”
  • “I won’t change a single word. It’s my vision, and I decide how to write my novels.”
  • “I have ideas for a dozen new books. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to write them.”
  • “I will write it later.”
  • “I can write the whole day—words just flow from mind onto paper (yeah, just show me such a writer).
  • “Editing is the easiest part of writing” (as an option, “Editing is the most interesting part of writing”).
  • “Cut it down? Make it shorter? Are you serious?”
  • “I really enjoy critique, but only positive critique.”
  • “Writer’s block is an excuse for amateurs” (yeah, until it strikes you).
  • “Many great novels were rejected numerous times before getting published. It’s okay, I can wait.”
  • Good luck with your writing, and try not to make excuses!

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