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Hi everyone!

Today is a great summer day, so I suggest you take a break from writing and relax a little bit. And even better would be to combine relaxation with practical use and inspiration, right? Thinking this way, I composed a list of eight movies about writers and writing that are worth watching (in no particular order). Sit comfortably, relax, and enjoy!

1. The Hours

An incredibly dramatic movie, in my opinion. One of the reasons why I like it is that it shows the story of Virginia Woolf, one of my favorite female writers.

2. Deconstructing Harry

Woody Allen has always paid a lot of attention to writers, and this movie is not an exception. A writer is Allen’s favorite type of character (an opinion based on the amount of times writers appear in his movies). So for all writers, I recommend Woody Allen’s movies.

3. Misery
Stephen King cannot write bad stories, but Misery is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece. A story of a famous writer trapped in the house of his psychotic fan is creepy and thrilling, and at some point could be interpreted as a metaphor for a writer’s craft in general. I strongly recommend it.

4. Secret Window

It has Johnny Depp in it as a writer. Enough said.

5. Capote

Truman Capote is a figure of American literature that does not need to be introduced. This biographical picture about the “horizontal writer,” as Capote called himself, is definitely worth your attention.

6. Annie Hall

Yet another movie by Woody Allen, and the main character is also a writer. What a coincidence!

7. Dead Poets Society

The magnificent Robert Williams playing an amazing teacher of literature has influenced the minds of several generations of youth, inspiring young men (including myself) and women and giving them confidence. This movie is not just about literature though. See it for yourself—and please, share how it affected you in the comments.

8. Finding Forrester

A touching story about a once-famous writer who has hidden himself from the world for a long, long time. Once, he gets acquainted with a young basketball player named Jamal. Forrester, as well as the young men, have no idea that this meeting will change the lives of both of them….

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