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By Bhalachandra Sahaj

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best apps for writersAlthough a couple of years ago having a profile in social networks or possessing a smartphone was mostly a matter of personal choice, today it’s almost a must, since the majority of people go digital, so to say. Even I (though being rather cautious about all kinds of digital matters) started to use various applications, finding them helpful for me as a writer.

Today I’d like to briefly review several applications. I am using an Android powered device, so I found all of these apps in Google Play market.

1. ColorNote

The best free note-taking application, in my opinion. It is minimalistic and simple—just the way I like apps to be—and possesses all the necessary functions. Two of my favorite features (among other typical “notetaking” functions) is a possibility to stick a note on a desktop, and sorting notes by colors. Every note can be marked with a color; you can also assign different purposes to each of the colors. For example, I use green as a color to mark notes that contain ideas for writing; red is for reminders; orange is for quick notes inspired by momentary impressions—usually, it’s haiku, and so on. This helps me keep notes organized and easy to navigate. Considering how many ideas a writer can generate per day, this app is a life saver.

2. Google Docs

I find this app incredibly useful for writers who prefer always to be in touch with what they are currently writing. It has all the crucial features of MS Word (and I cannot imagine a better text processor, even though I’ve tried out many analogues), and allows you to work with your documents offline. I especially enjoy this function when I get a bright idea in a place inappropriate for writing, and with no WiFi connection, such as the subway, a park, or the countryside. Synchronization allows me to access my work from any device. Sharing, downloading, and other file operations are also easy to perform.

3. Goodreads

I like the expression: “Steal like an artist.” It means that in order to create, you must get inspired by the work of other people (note, however, that this phrase does not mean “plagiarize like crazy”). Anyways, whenever you feel like you are running out of ideas, inspiration, motivation, or need advice, run Goodreads. This app contains tons of quotations from hundreds of writers, starting from the writing process, and ending up with aphorisms. It is also a source of all kinds of book reviews, recommendations, and other stuff that any book-lover will appreciate.

4. Oxford Grammar & Punctuation

Well, the title of this app speaks for itself: it’s the app that will become your number one friend when you need to proofread your writing. Grammar, punctuation, syntax, and other tips, searchable references, and other useful functions gathered in one app—it’s exactly what you need when it comes to honing your writing!

5. Recordense

Yet another note-taking application, Recordense is the most complete voice recorder app. Personally, I use this voice recorder when the note I want to take is too difficult to type on my smartphone’s keyboard due to length. This app’s most valuable feature is a convenient system of tags, which you can insert right into the recording. This is useful when you need to find a specific place in a 90 minute long record. Also, Recordense allows you to sort records by color and themes, which makes it almost as convenient as ColorNote’s system.

These are the apps of my personal choice; perhaps, you have your own favorites. In this case, feel free to share them in the comments.

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