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Some collected wisdom I heard over the years:

1. Write every day and read every day.

2. Sometimes when adding imagery in your writing, don’t explain them. This is especially effective for ending creative pieces.

3. Be detailed in your writing, but not overly detailed. Pacing is important.

4. To be a good writer, you need to be a good editor.

5. Writing should be fun, and not like factory work.

6. When you can’t think of what to write, do some automatic writing. After you write a few pages of automatic writing, look through it and see if any of it was good and follow up on those ideas.

7. Read from a wide variety of authors, even ones you think you won’t like.

8. Join a writing discussion/workshop group. Listen to what they have to say about your work, but in the end, you are the final decider of what is good writing to you.

9. Read your favorite writing and comment on it in a notebook.

10. Do other things other than writing—other areas of interest will add to your writing life.

11. Carry around a little notebook and a pen with you every wherever you go.

12. Accept criticism openly, but know when something should be kept instead of taken out. Stay true to yourself as a writer.

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