Books You May Have Never Heard About But Should Read

By Bhalachandra Sahaj

As the modern generation reads Harry Potter books, the Twilight series, and other bestseller books that are deemed worldwide successes, they may not be aware of incredible books that have been either written in the past or have been written recently.

If you are feeling a reading itch, look at this list of books that are not talked about much nowadays, but are amazing in their own right.

1. Watership Down by Richard Adams.

This was a huge bestseller in its day. Though it is a story about rabbits, it is rather dark, political, and philosophical. Besides the author creating a language for the characters in the book, the book features an entire world we are not aware of.

2. Radix by A.A. Attanasio.

This sci-fi classic was named the new “Dune” in its heyday. Now seldom spoken about, this book features a thug-to-god story arch, which takes the readers on an extraordinary journey of transformation and self reflection.

3. The Legacy of Heorot by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes.

Another sci-fi classic no longer visited often by modern readers. An ultimate monster and the ultimate fight against it. I won’t give away too much.

4. All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren.

Maybe some of you have seen the two film adaptations of this book, but rarely do people talk about the book itself now. It won the Pulitzer Prize and was a huge success before. Warren tells the story of a rural man in the deep south of the US who wants to change politics and becomes a politician to battle the corruption of bureaucracy. Little does he know that he too is slowly slipping into being what he hates the most.

These four books should keep you busy for some time. I guarantee you will enjoy reading them and your life will be further enriched by reading them.


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