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Hi everyone!

students studying togetherOne of my favorite sayings is, “Two heads are better than one”. This means that whenever you work on some problem, it is always better to have someone by your side, someone who can give you a different perspective, help you, and so on. This is especially important during one’s college years, when the amount of complicated assignments becomes crazy. Thus, picking a study partner is a sound idea for any student. But how can one find a good study partner that would be helpful instead of being distracting and irresponsible? Here are some useful tips:

1. Decide on what problems you have with studying. Math? English literature? Maybe you suck at writing essays? Whatever the answer is, such questioning has this goal: to figure out what you need a partner for. There is no point in teaming up with a random guy from your class—your partner must possess specific skills and/or traits you lack, otherwise it would more productive to work alone.

2. Now, think of what you can offer to your potential partner. You can’t be like, “Come on dude, you know math—team up with me and be helpful.” You need to offer something in exchange. Ask yourself, what are you skillful in? Why would someone else want to become your study partner?

3. The environment you possibly know best of all in your school or college is your classroom. Think about whom of your classmates might become a decent study partner for you.

4. If you haven’t found any worthwhile candidates for your study group within your classroom, search around your school/college. Print out some flyers or posters, which would say something like, “A responsible student, good at English literature and the French language, is looking for a study partner who would help him improve in math and physics.”

5. Instead (or along with) of this, you can create a Facebook group whose purpose would be to help people looking for study partners to find each other.

6. And if all this does not help, walk around your campus and ask people if they’d like to become your study partner, or try looking for pen pals who would be able and eager to help you.

This is basically it. Sooner or later, you should be able to find the person you need. Good luck!

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