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Hi everyone!

It’s already October, and probably the most hated daily thing for you these days is to get out of your cozy warm bed and go to work, college, or school. So, for those days when you can afford doing nothing, I’ve prepared a short list of movies worth watching that will fire up your writing brain. Some of them may be rather dark, but in my opinion, all of them suit the atmosphere of autumn perfectly. So relax, and enjoy!

1. Detachment

This is a dark movie, but I just love it. Unlike many other movies showing how difficult life of a teen in high school is, this one shows the other side of a coin: how it feels to be a teacher. How it feels to stand in front of teens who hate you, yet trying to teach them something they never cared about; how it feels to meet these teens’ parents who hate you for not giving A grades to their children all the time; how it feels to work in a system where no one cares about you and what you do, for miserable salaries and in inhumane conditions. It is also a movie about relationships that can blossom in such a toxic environment, and about how true devotion can change even the worst of people. Watch Detachment, and perhaps the next time you want to say something mean about your teachers, you will save your breath instead.

2. Dead Poets Society

Unlike Detachment, this is more of an inspirational movie. Perhaps all of us—especially when sitting in a boring class—dreamed of a teacher who would not just mumble useless facts and dates, but whose classes would be fun, informative, who would behave as students’ equal, but who could also serve them as an example of what a true teacher is. Dead Poets Society shows us a story of one of such teachers, his relationships with students, and how it all turned out in the end. Although the finale of the movie gets rather dark, this is still one of the most inspiring movies that has ever been filmed.

3. Dazed and Confused

A student can get oneself involved in all kinds of risky behaviors, such as smoking pot, alcohol abuse, and so on. This movie explores problems that teens have in detail; it observes difficult decisions they sometimes have to make, and of which their parents can even be unaware of. This movie is also about friendship, love, maturing, and the role of school in the process of getting older; it shows that school is not just a place where you go because your mom told you to, but also a place that can change your life—for worse or for better.

4. Election

Through a story of a smart and rather skeptical kid named Tracy, this movie discloses truths about the complicated relationships between teachers and students, and also explores the lowdown of a regular school’s social system. The plot of the movie is rather simple—teachers opposing students—but the questions the movie explores go far beyond this seeming simplicity.

5. The Breakfast Club

Ever wondered what would happen if you place kids with different family and social backgrounds in one room and keep them there for a while? This movie shows us a story of a detention time in which five kids from different school cliques have to spend time together. This movie is considered to be one of the best films dedicated to high school, so instead of expanding on the plot, I’ll let you watch it instead.

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