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Hi everyone!

As you might know, a healthy individual receives most of the information about their surroundings and environments through visual images. It is natural: the brain has a vast amount of cells responsible for deciphering information we receive through eyes compared to other sensory organs. Visual perception plays a significant role in everyday life, starting from navigation in space and ending up with creativity.

One of the aspects of visual perception that affects us directly is color. Psychologists conducted numerous research studies and discovered how different colors affect our psyche in varying ways. For example, orange and reddish colors provoke appetite—this is why fast food restaurants are commonly decorated in these colors. Green is calming, white gives a sensation of space, violet can be depressing, and red provokes anxiety or irritation.

The question is: why not make colors a more significant part of your writing? When describing interiors or exteriors, someone’s appearance, nature, and so on, how many times do we use colors to intentionally evoke a certain mood in a reader? When you intend to convey how something looks like, try adding a bit more colors.

What’s more, you can do the same with feelings. Seriously, why not? This is not so uncommon; for example, if you upload your photos to the annual Nikon Photo Contest, one of the fields you need to fill in is something like, “Which color does this photo correspond with?”

A good addition for such a description would be mentioning shapes; shape and weight are parameters that can convey an image and sensation perfectly. And try to be diverse when describing them! Do not write: “The lighter was heavy.” Instead, why not write, “The lighter pleasantly weighted his hand down.”

Next time you write, make your writing more colorful; add some physics to it as well. And you’ll see how much more convincing it will become.

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