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Some people don’t like to write. They come into English or writing classes dreading the experience. Some individuals even feel born to hate writing. Well, if you identify with these feelings, here are ways to boost your enjoyment of writing:

  • Always write about what interests you

    This is not so easy if you are given a set task that is narrow in scope, but in these situations, you can still find a way to write about something that excites you.

    If you have the opportunity to write about almost whatever you want, you can find a topic that riles you up, gets you emotional, or gives you a desire to take action. Feeling passionate about a topic is a sure way to write well about it.

  • Don’t use a boring writing voice

    Remember, you don’t have to write like a textbook author. You can write in an entertaining and engaging style, but don’t use slang and colloquialisms. Those will be marked with a red pen by your teacher.

  • Do some crazy research

    Sometimes, you think a topic is boring, but after you research it a bit, you find there are tons of strange facts about it you never knew. These strange facts can turn into a great research paper, expository essay, or persuasive paper, for example.

    To get interested in something, you need to delve into it. Look deep into a subject, and I guarantee you will be fascinated by something about it.

Well, that’s about it. If you have any suggestions or experiences you want to share, write something in the comment section below.

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