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Hi everyone!

Within non-English-speaking countries, English is notorious for its huge discrepancy between how words are written and how they sound. Indeed, the reason why seven letters in the word “thought” sound only like three sounds is a mystery to me as well. However, English is not only the language with weird spelling, but of many weird words, of which I would like to talk about today. Here is a brief list I composed while browsing the Web.

1. Agastopia. This is a noun used when you admire a particular part of someone’s body.

2. Gabelle. This is a tax on salt. Made me wonder whether it still exists.

3. Halfpace. This is a platform on a staircase, when the footsteps change their direction to the opposite.

4. Macrosmatic. An adjective meaning that someone has a good sense of smell.

5. Nudiustertian. I always hated to say the long phrase, “the day before yesterday.” Nudiustertian is a life-saver for the likes of me. Just don’t confuse it with a nudist or something.

6. Pauciloquent. This is me: uttering a few words, or brief in speech.

7. Quire. This word means exactly two dozen sheets of paper. Don’t ask why someone would need this word instead of saying “two dozen.”

8. Tittynope. This one raised my eyebrows. A tittynope is a small quantity of something. Next time you go to a grocery shop, try asking for a tittynope of horse radish, or something.

9. To “depone” means to testify under oath. This is what people in TV shows like “Law and Order” do all the time.

10. Finnimbrun, which is a knick-knack.

11. Floccinaucinihilipilification. No, I am not kidding you. Floccinaucinihilipilification it is. It means that something is valueless.

12. Limerance. Throughout history, there were lots of weirdos trying to find a scientific approach to the nature of romantic love. Limerance was what they did.

13. Rastaquouere. The word has nothing in common with Rastafarians, and basically means a social climber.

14. Tyrotoxism. One of my favorites in this list. In case you are being poisoned by cheese, you can describe your condition to doctors using this word. Although, it won’t be their fault if they don’t understand you.

What about you? Do you know any weird English words? If yes, post them in the comments!

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